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About me

I am a Life Transformation Coach with 12 years experience in Coaching, Training & Consultancy.

My approach is to work alongside you rather than telling you what you should do, my philosophy is using a heart centred approach where I help you tap into your own wisdom, greatness and infinite potential.

During the coaching session, you learn about yourself and what you want to be, do and give.

In addition to Life Coaching,  I am a qualified Silent Counselling Practitioner (using energy psychology) and use the techniques throughout your session to help you quickly identify the root cause reason of what is holding you back and limit you from reaching your potential.

Although Silent Counselling is a very simple however, non intrusive process. the results achieved can be life changing for many.

As I work with your bodies energy system there is no need for verbal communication should you choose not too.  Your body tells me what emotions are holding you back and collectively we work together to release these emotions through simple breathing techniques.

I am passionate about Personal Development and enabling people to become the best version of themselves.

As well as 1: 1 coaching packages I offer an 18 hour Life Coaching group programme called Creating Balance that can be delivered online or in person.

I also offer Silent Counselling Training levels 1 & 2 where you become qualified to use Silent Counselling as part of your coaching or therapy

We also run retreats and have retreats planned this year for Norway and Scotland, please contact me for more details

I also run Wake Up and Ignite the Fire Within seminars throughout the year

Training, qualifications & experience

Dip Corporate & Executive Coaching (Distinction)  The Coaching Academy

Silent Counselling (energy psychology ) Practitioners qualification

Silent Counselling (energy psychology) Trainers qualification

Post Grad Systemic Family Therapy

Many years working in Education with families and supporting teachers, headteachers

I have trained many educationalists and workforces in -:

Health & Wellbeing,

Team Development

Team Building

Personal development

Other areas of coaching I deal with

I am the founder of Creating Balance which is an 18 hour Personal Development Life Coaching programme.

This programme can be delivered in the work place, in the Community or as 1:1 coaching.

Week 1

Introductory Breakthrough Session

We kick off the programme with a breakthrough session. Here is where you will be introduced to the Creating Balance journey, evaluate your life where it is now, learn the benefits of effective breathing and meditation, goal setting and interesting brain facts. From the breakthrough session, you will create the momentum to act and look forward to a journey of excitement and hope.

Week 2

Taking ownership of your own happiness.

When we start taking ownership of our own lives then everything else starts to fall into place. Your happiness is in your hands. This week we are exploring our negative behaviour and thoughts and how this impacts on our life.   We will look at taking back your POWER and owning your happiness by owning your experiences. Unlock your inner JOY and GRATITUDE in any given situation.

Week 3

Mission & Vision

On week 3 we are creating our Personal Power Statement.  The power statement encapsulates your WHY, keeps you going through rough times and helps with decision making. When you are aligned with your personal power statement then you are guaranteed happiness.

This week you will also create your own Vision Board. Visualisation is important. Studies show that it can improve motivation, coordination and concentration while reducing fear and anxiety. A vision board is a collage that allows you to lay out your ideal future using pictures and words.

Week 4

Making Peace with your Past

This week we are exploring resentment and forgiveness and acknowledging the impact this has on our lives. You will start making Peace with your Past and move into your future with your worries left behind. When you make Peace with your Past you acknowledge your failings and have an honest relationship with them. You can then make something beautiful from it and move forward in life. You will also learn Silent Counselling techniques to release emotions that are holding you back from leading the life you desire.

Week 5

Building solid relationships

Now that we have looked deep within ourselves and have a great understanding of what is important to us and what we want from our future, we start to think about how your relationships are working for you. What are you giving and taking from relationships? We learn how to identify toxic relationships and protect ourselves from them.

Week 6

Long & Short term goal setting

During week 6 we explore the benefits of goal-setting and learn how to set long- and short-term goals and achieve them. Although GOALS make your life more challenging, at the same time they give you a great sense of personal satisfaction and help you appreciate your capabilities.

Week 7

Self-care & Self compassion

This week we are practising Self-care and recognising the benefits of treating yourself as you would a best friend. Self-care involves integrating self-compassion into your life in a way that helps to prevent the possibility of burn out.

Week 8


This week we are evaluating your Creating Balance journey. Reflection is important for examining and interpreting the experience to increase self-awareness. Self-awareness is a key component in emotional intelligence.

The coaching helps you gain clarity and increases your self-worth and self-esteem, and therefore has a knock-on effect on your confidence and ability to be your best self.


1 : 1 8 week Life Transformation Coaching package £497.00

1 hour coaching £70.00

Silent Counselling Training £150.00 per day

Upcoming trainings and programmes

Silent Counselling Day 1 Training Saturday 22nd June 2019

9.30am - 4.30pm

Studio 8, Glenrothes, Fife, Scotland

During this day workshop we shall explore how our emotions, both positive and negative, play a major part in our lives, affect the decisions we make and indeed our own personal happiness.

However, you will also learn, that fortunately our bodies hold the key to our own personal energy psychology and our emotional wellbeing.

You will discover the power our bodies have in defusing negative burden within our emotional minds. You will learn the coded points on the body, how to locate and energise them and so to experience the flow of positive energy as the burdens release their power over us.

In addition, this one day workshop will open up your awareness to your personal energy and the instantaneous level of your positive intension and motivation.

There are limited spaces available, please secure your place as soon as possible

Price for this one day training is £125.00 and £30 deposit will secure you place.

The remaining £95.00 to be paid by 30th April 2019

To be a qualified Silent Counselling practitioner takes 2 days

Further Training Opportunities

Please join us on the following one day Silent Counselling 2 Training Workshop which will heighten your awareness of energy through muscle testing. This workshop will introduce to the skill of muscle testing as a valuable tool in decision making.

For further information please email me at

Further information


Candice Wilsons coaching is quite simply life changing. I first met Candice over 3 years ago and owe her a debt of gratitude for the guidance, support and encouragement I’ve received. She has a unique ability to tune in to exactly who I am as a person and her work has enabled me to become my best self, growing in confidence and changing my life for the better. I can’t thank her enough.

Throughout the coaching process (and beyond) Candice is there, offering reassurance, insight and empowerment, as well as very practical strategies. She is truly dedicated to her clients and hugely invested their success and happiness. I find coaching to be both enlightening and empowering. A wholly positive experience which I would recommend to others.

~ M. Mair, Scotland Teacher of the year 2010, Educational & wellbeing consultant

Working with Candice has transformed my mind-set, confidence and experiences. She has helped re-awaken a positive side to me which I had long forgotten! Using her vast range of tools – remedy bottles, silent counselling and a mission statement has helped me to find my true self and live an enhanced and fun life again.

Candice has reminded me to look after myself, encouraging me to do things that make me feel happy (my favourite being my homework to spend time with my sister, baking – not too tricky!). My mission statement has reminded me of the person I would like to be and Candice’s coaching has helped me to get there. Silent counselling has helped me to release any negative thoughts and feelings, allowing me to move forward with confidence and positivity. I am amazed at how my body intuitively leads me to the areas I need to release now.

People around me have noticed a difference as I have been radiating positivity and have the headspace to listen and help. It is amazing how many people I have been able support over the last couple of weeks – before this I couldn’t even support myself at times.

All these tools (and many more – coaching, vision boards, listening) have helped me to become a better me and, best of all, these are tools I can take away with me and use for any wobbles I will undoubtedly have in the future.

Thanks, Candice!

So, 12 hours later I am still sitting completely amazed.
Today I went along to my first silent counselling session with Candice, after watching a video from one of her clients who has recently discovered silent counselling & shared just how incredible it is!

I’m not gonna lie, I went into the session a bit unsure and sceptical, but my god the woman is some sort of magical genius!! It’s very hard to describe? I feel lighter, like a weight has been lifted, I have released bad feelings and memories/situations I have held on to for years and years causing me to lose my confidence and suffer anxiety.

I cried, I laughed, I talked, I was honest and now I feel somewhat ‘free’. Absolutely overwhelmed by it, I can’t wait for my next session to build on today’s and work through some life coaching!
I know there is work still to be done, but tonight for the first time in years I am feeling like I do have worth, I can add value, I can be confident in situations and I have the tools to remind myself of that if I feel the need in future. My whole mind-set is in a much more positive place!
If you have 20mins, it it so worth watching this video and I encourage every single person who is intrigued and has any sort of emotional (and/or physical!) pain to get in touch with Candice, you will be amazed I swear!!

~ Michelle Patrick

I can not recommend this woman enough! I shall sing her praises FOREVER! So excited for you Candice Wilson your an angel

~ M. Downie

Teaching is an extremely demanding profession without the added pressure of being unsupported in the workplace and it is based on this that I had to seek ‘help!

’ I’ve just finished a 6 week Life Transformational process with Candice and to say she gave me the tools to help pull me out of a deep, dark pit is an understatement. The extent of my psychological injury was, what I thought, irreparable, but slowly and surely, Candice helped me re-wire my brain to erode those negative thoughts. I’m not only using the tools she gave me but recalling and reflecting on her words of wisdom. It is thanks to these skills that I am now on a journey of recovery and doing things that make my heart sing, remembering what is important and working hard to get out of ‘victim’ mode. What I have learned from this experience is don’t wait until ‘critical’ level. I tried to work it all out on my own but without success. Candice saved my life

~ MK

Connect with Candice Wilson this woman is a life saver and very true to her word and well worth it, this great woman can help u overcome all sorts TRUST ME I KNOW SHE CAN, SHE HELPED ME ALOT

~ Lisa Munro

Before starting Creating balance and working with Candice, I felt depressed, alone and everyday was a battle,

I was in agony with fibromyalgia, I actually thought the world would be a better place without me. My self- esteem was so low, I felt dead inside and looked it on the outside.

Within a few weeks of working with Candice the in my back, legs and hips was released
I couldn’t believe it and still can’t.

I can now manage to go to work and not have to lie in bed for days after, I can play with my kids, go shopping, trips to the park. etc.

I am more confident, happy and feel like myself again.

I feel I can conquer the world and help other feel better by sharing my experience. I now have a purpose again. I AM here for a reason. I highly recommend anyone suffering from fibromyalgia and/or depression to give her a try. I no longer depend on medication to get me through the day, I have the tools myself.

Candice, thanks again xxx

I cannot thank Candice enough

I recently completed a 6-week Life Transformational Coaching session with Candice and it was a brilliant experience from start to finish.

Prior to working with Candice, I always felt I was a positive, up-beat person most of the time with lots of drive and determination to achieve my goals, but sometimes lacked belief in my abilities and occasionally experienced almost debilitating anxiety when having to present myself to others in both formal and informal situations. As an adult, I couldn’t understand why I felt like that because I had learned to deal with life and coped well most of the time. This led me to read various self-help books and did some (EFT) Emotional Freedom Technique with a therapist, which helped a bit but I still had some anxiety from time to time and believed there was something more I could do, which led me to Candice.

Through silent-counselling, Candice helped me uncover past negative experiences that were limiting my beliefs and holding me back from being my authentic self. She helped me realise that I was a victim to my past, which shocked and disgusted me as I had always considered that a very negative label and never a word I would use on myself. However, once I understood this and with the help of different techniques I could move from a place of blame to responsibility, and could deal with the past issues and let go of the negative emotions that were holding me back. I now feel much more confident and at ease in situations that previously caused me anxiety and I also have much more belief in my abilities and trust in others.

Since working with Candice, my mind-set has changed and I now take responsibility for everything that happens to me - even if it appears to be negative actions of another, which is very empowering.

Candice is a motivated and passionate coach who genuinely wants you to achieve your goals. She is warm and friendly and through sharing her own life experiences, she creates a safe environment for you to be honest and get the most from her coaching skills. Although I did most of the work, it always felt like I was chatting to a friend and I always left feeling inspired and fired-up to take my goals forward. I thoroughly recommend Candice Wilson as a Life Transformation Coach.

Julie Robertson


It was the end of Feb and I was a mess. I was feeling so down. My business was a mess, as I had not idea on where I was going and I felt a mess – it was like there was this massive opaque cloud in front of me that I just couldn’t see past.

Candice was the first person who came to mind – having only really met her a few times over an 18mth period, I have no idea why… The Universe was telling me, she was the one to help. So, I had a quick Zoom chat with her and from that knew I was on the right path.

Her 8-week course has transformed me. I have gone from being someone who felt totally unimportant in anyone’s life and so insecure in her abilities to do her job, as well as not really being able to see what the future held for me and my business – now I can see clearly ahead as to where I am going and what I need to do to get there.

It isn’t an overnight transformation, but rather a slow peeling of layers as we dealt with various issues and created my vision for the future with clarity. Candice has such insight into how you are feeling and thinking that it is amazing. Her ‘toolbox’ seems to be never-ending, but she has so much that can help clear the fog and get you on the right path.

Candice is a true expert in her field, and I would not hesitate to go to her again for anything and to recommend her to anyone in a similar position.

Rosemary Armstrong

At a very low point in my life I was struggling to find the confidence and courage to move forward in my life and that’s when I approached Candice.   Together we worked out what I was struggling with and what was holding me back.  Each week Candice listened to me, then we discussed and found a way forward that I was comfortable with, followed by more discussions the next week to ensure I was on track.  At the end of our time together we looked back at my journey and I was surprised just how much I had moved forward, I was more confident with what my future looked like.  I now have the courage and direction that I was lacking and Candice has taught me the tools I can use, when needed, to continue to embrace my future.   Pat

At a very low point in my life I was struggling to find the confidence and courage to move forward in my life and that’s when I approached Candice.   Together we worked out what I was struggling with and what was holding me back.  Each week Candice listened to me, then we discussed and found a way forward that I was comfortable with, followed by more discussions the next week to ensure I was on track.  At the end of our time together we looked back at my journey and I was surprised just how much I had moved forward, I was more confident with what my future looked like.  I now have the courage and direction that I was lacking and Candice has taught me the tools I can use, when needed, to continue to embrace my future.   Pat

Kirkcaldy, KY1

Type of session

Online life coaching: Yes
Telephone life coaching: No
Face to face life coaching: Yes
Home visits: No

Practical details

Sign language: No
Other languages: None


Wheelchair access: Unspecified

Off street parking available. Approx 1.7 miles from train and bus routes. If you require disabled access please contact me in advance and this can be arranged.

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