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Confidence | Clarity | Energy

I specialise in working with people to unpick the doubt from their thoughts and the emotional pain from their body's, leaving them feeling confident, energised and clear about their next step. I know that these are the fundamentals which hold us back from fulfilling our potential in our work. I work with people to uncover their powerful & vulnerable selves, helping them to thrive in this art we call life.

As somebody well versed in creativity, freelancing, academia and sport, I can connect with most people on most things. My strength lies in connecting deeply with you the client, developing trust, and then opening up what is stuck both on the level of the mind and on the level of emotion. We then tune in to your goals.

"Bukky is a certified NLP Practitioner and Life Coach, qualifying at NLP School London. Coming from a meditative background Bukky works intuitively with clients to provide a space to go deeper, be heard and explore the self on the emotional and the mental level. Allowing clients to feel at ease, Bukky creates space for character revelation, the uncovering of subconscious drivers and the disrupting of negative thinking patterns. Bukky empowers clients with practical tools that they can take and use in their day-to-day lives. Bukky works with clients to put solid action plans into place, so they are able to move forward with clarity and confidence. Bukky is also a facilitator and mentor at Life Campus, a new and exciting educational experience for young people: https://thelifecampus.com/check-it/"

Where I'm based

My practice is currently based either online or at the a balanced life wellness clinic in Hackney Wick, London. Read my profile here: https://abalancedlifetherapies.com/

My Story

13 years ago I developed Generalised Anxiety Disorder whilst at University. I was ill-prepared, overwhelmed and frankly terrified most of the time. It was the lowest point in my life. My social interactions were jarring and triggering, my love life was almost non-existent and I was buried under the thickest law books you could ever imagine. In many ways this scene is not too uncommon amongst young people, but it really wore hard on my spirit. I didn't have the direction, the habits, the self knowledge or the guidance to break through to my potential.

The journey of breaking through into high performance and into high energy work today, as a 32 year old is what inspires me to coach. The first tool that I was blessed to be introduced to was meditation. Learning to reset the mind, learning to reset the body, reading life changing texts such as Eckhart Tolle's book "The Power of Now" gave guidance as to next steps. I have always been somebody who is unafraid to put the work in, but before that point I wasn't finding answers to my existential questions. Learning that there were methods to progress and transform was my lightbulb moment for a dedicated life in self development.

During my Law Degree I discovered I was an artist and started writing and performing songs up to the present day. To me a legal route was the easy road, I'm ambitious, I know myself and I don't settle for an expected life, I strive for one that I want. After many more years honing my craft you can now find my record "Amazing" "Obsession" and "Meditations" out on all streaming platforms under "Bukky Sky (most recently played on BBC Radio London!)". I have been dedicating my life to learning about the human condition and how to influence it, as well as learning to synthesis emotion, thoughts and experiences into useful motif's for listeners and viewers in the form of song. As a result I have a very flexible mind that can jump between the orderly and the structured and the creative/visionary/intuitive. So I am a good mirror for whatever space I find my client's in.

I am also a Vipassana Meditator, I compete in Brazilian Ju-Jitsu, I love working out, long deep conversations with friends (usually along the lines of spirituality or personal development!) connecting with family, doing outdoorsy sport activities, DJ'ing, reading (currently reading "The Hero Within" by Carol Ann Pearson, the dopamine bombshell of "The Molecule of More" by Lieberman and the ego deconstructing "A Course in Miracles"). Currently I live in Hackney Wick and I feel blessed to be surrounded by such vibrant, creative, fun and interesting people.

Whilst playing music I completed qualifications in Counselling (NCFE Certifications) and in London have completed an NLP School certified Neuro-Linguistic-Programming course in Advanced Coaching. NLP is an amazing and powerful tool to get you into some truly resourceful states. It is also great for building a vision of your future self, and changing the self image you have developed from the past.

I have learned to feel good because I know that is the reason why we do anything. Any action we take is to feel good now, tomorrow or far in the future. My work concentrates on feeling good as you locate and lock into your goals. It's not that complicated.

Training, qualifications & experience

  • Advanced Coaching with Neuro-Linguistic Programming Certification (NLP School)
  • ANLP member (The Association for NLP)
  • Counselling Level 2 and 3
  • 3 years working in mental health
  • 4 years as a Life Coach
  • Meditation and breathwork facilitator
  • High Performance coachee

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Jennifer Mambwe - Marketing Manager in Cyber Security
"I had a neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) session with Bukky. I decided to try the NLP session because I was stuck in a negative mindset, feeling down and lacking confidence, which I struggled to pull myself out of; this was unusual for me and lasted a few months. The NLP session with Bukky really helped me - it kick-started a positive mindset and gave me the push I needed to build myself up. Bukky used techniques that have shown me how to better control my mind and way of thinking. Since then I’ve had the strength to push negative feelings and self-doubt which were preventing me from moving forward and reaching my goals. Bukky is calm, open and a great listener. I thought I would feel uncomfortable doing NLP, but I didn’t with Bukky. I have no hesitation in recommending NLP sessions with Bukky."

Sam Lillicrap - UX Researcher & UI Designer
I'm an entrepreneur who's in-between doing freelance design work and creating businesses that make a difference in peoples lives. Coaching with Bukky has been a phenomenal way for me to reflect on my strengths and weaknesses, and put into action solid paths forward in the direction I want to go. He's also helped me take stock of how far I've come and appreciate things just as they are too. I would highly recommend Bukky to anyone who wants to navigate the emotional realm in a refreshingly clear way, as well as get to a place you'd prefer to be physically, financially, and mentally!

Charlotte Curran - Business Owner
I run ARTEMIS, a fashion & accessories brand and I am also completing a masters degree in Philosophy. Bukky is so kind, energetic and an amazing coach. From my first session, I had already transformed. It felt radically different to other coaching I had previously experienced, in such an incredible way. Bukky gave me the tools and the help to change my life by sharing practical skills to improve communication, mindset and strengthen my sense of self. During coaching, I was also given the space to be heard and understood, to dig deeper and understand myself more than I ever have done. I am so grateful for Bukky and his coaching, he is not just an outstanding coach but a genuine, inspiring and infectiously positive person... I couldn't recommend more!

Alpha Barrie - Video Producer
I’ve been working with Bukky for two years and it’s been a great journey so far. In one of the sessions we focused on uncovering things that were holding me back in the present by revisiting some painful moments in my past.

What it did for me is that it helped me make peace with my past and forgive myself too. Revisiting my past and giving my younger self advice was very therapeutic. It made me feel as though that regardless, I’m never alone - I’ve always got me. It was painful no lie, but the peace I felt afterwards made me realise how much this was needed. This left me feeling empowered, ready to take on the next challenge in life and also aware of the tools I could use if I were to face similar situations again.

Tom Dwyer - Product Manager
Having tried some more traditional therapies (CBT & Somatic) working with Bukky has been a refreshing new take on navigating emotional experiences & uncovering subconscious drivers. Bukky creates an environment to go far deeper & cover more ground, than any previous therapy, in my experience.

His focused & open questions, guided me to uncover character revelations for myself. He tuned my visualisation skills, which really helped me to internalise the insights we discovered. Toward the latter part of our sessions, we reach a point of harmony and his depth of understanding & insight is unparalleled. He is now my only coach, highly recommend to anyone look for internal understanding, self-improvement & habit building.

Elinor James - NHS Psychiatrist
Bukky taught me how to turn my feelings which felt out of control into a manageable, controllable experience! Once you learn this technique you need to work to use it every day but if you do it is so helpful in calming you and keeping your feelings under control but without ignoring them. Bukky explained everything with a subtle enthusiasm and a careful caring approach which made me feel comfortable to talk openly and use the time effectively. He also knows how to communicate clearly so I could understand complex mental techniques step by step and use them to make me feel much better, improving my wellbeing and quality of life. I would definitely tell all my friends and family to go to Bukky to help them if they were struggling to manage powerful emotions. He is funny and cool and kind, someone i felt really happy with.

Katie Farrow - DJ
I had a few sessions with Bukky after feeling stuck for a while in a pattern of negative ruminating thoughts and limiting beliefs. As well as being an incredibly friendly guy who makes you feel so at ease, he has a huge amount of knowledge and tools to help you move forward and create the mindset and life you want. One of my favourites is the anchoring tapping technique which is great as I’m so in my head. It’s so simple but effective and transforms you into a safe and joyful state in seconds. We have also done some breath work and meditation workshops and I have always come out of them feeling incredible, again learning practises that I can take with me forever. I couldn’t recommend Bukky more as a coach. His positivity and enthusiasm is contagious and really makes you feel so motivated during and after the sessions - I’m very excited to have more with him!

Tom Dwyer - Product Manager
Having tried some more traditional therapies (CBT & Somatic) working with Bukky has been a refreshing new take on navigating emotional experiences & uncovering subconscious drivers. Bukky creates an environment to go far deeper & cover more ground, than any previous therapy, in my experience.
His focused & open questions, guided me to uncover character revelations for myself. He tuned my visualisation skills, which really helped me to internalise the insights we discovered. Toward the latter part of our sessions, we reach a point of harmony and his depth of understanding & insight is unparalleled. He is now my only coach, highly recommend to anyone look for internal understanding, self-improvement & habit building.

Tom Falle - Music Artist

My session with Bukky was revealing, sometimes uncomfortable, but ultimately very rewarding. He allowed me to perceive myself from a distance, and, in doing so, helped me comprehend that my life habits could ultimately evolve or even be transformed. Bukky was a great listener and came to the table with 0 judgement. Thoroughly recommended.

Nicolas Standing - Musician
"Bukky's been my life coach for about 3 years now. Not only does he ask the best questions at the right time, but he creates a safe space for you to figure that out yourself. Bukky also provides tools for you to continue this thought process within your everyday life. He emanates a sense of safety even after the sessions are done. I highly recommend him."

William Lake - C.O.O and DJ
Bukky came into my life at the start of the covid-19 pandemic. I had lost my job, my relationship and lost my home. To say this was turbulent was a massive understatement. I was coming out of years of therapy and really wanted something/someone that was going to help me grow and develop an expansive mindset. As a person he couldn't be more attentive and as a coach he couldn't be more professional. 4 months later I've just got a new position as C.O.O of a charity. If you need someone that's strong, supportive and caring, turn to Bukky.

Charlie Butler - Radio Show Host Musician
I'm a musician and songwriter and Bukky has been life-coaching me for about six months. I can't recommend him enough. He listens to you. He doesn't tell you what to do. He prompts you on how you can improve with your own ideas. Great guy, really nice. Always happy to help. If you can get your hands on his life coaching - I would recommend it.

Yousif Elterefi - Graphic Designer & Animator
Working with Bukky has been amazing, I felt at ease instantly. We worked on a few outcomes that I wanted to achieve -especially the vision related to the kind of relationship I wanted to have. Bukky guided me on a visceral, visual experience where I could clearly see my future. We then put into place actions that I could achieve to reach my goals. I'm pleased to say that within months I had achieved the exact vision I had envisioned for myself. I'm now in the relationship I always wanted and am grateful for the work Bukky and I did together.

Beau - Music Producer / DJ
My life coach session with Bukky was wonderfully surprising, insightful and extremely helpful. I didn’t know what to expect going in (as it was my first session of the kind) and I was taken aback by how calming, warm and reassuring he was throughout the process. We sat down and strategically listed the issues we wanted to tackle and one by one and Bukky used a number of techniques to help me come to some insightful and important realizations and gave me some great tools for getting myself out of problematic situations in my head. Couldn’t recommend him enough.

Anastasia Federov - Property Developer
Bukky is a truly gifted coach. I am very grateful for the transformative coaching sessions with Bukky who has helped me reframe some negative experiences specifically the aftermath of a car crash and also the emotional debris from ending a friendship. He showed great skill and empathy as he guided me through some techniques to help overcome self limiting patterns, emotions and behaviours to restore boundaries by severing ties that no longer serve which gave me a great sense of release. He has a way of holding the space allowing time for assimilation of the energy shift to a more resourceful state. I felt a sense of control being restored as he guided me through a sequence of manipulating sounds, images and feelings to help minimise intrusive memories of crashing mangled metal from my car crash. He has given me a renewed sense of empowerment to cushion the residual impact from negative and draining experiences.

A Balanced Life, 29 White Post Ln, London, Greater London, E9 5EN

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