About me

I'm a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC), working from London, and coaching in English and German. I combine honesty (verging on bluntness) with an acceptance of other people's lives - regardless how messy. I strive for authenticity and a good portion of humour to tackle the challenges of every day life.

I enjoy working with people who want to get to know themselves better and who are ready to create changes in their lives. In case you are wondering what that means, these are some of the outcomes for my clients:

“During the coaching session, I was able to describe and grasp what’s going on inside of me in a clarity that had escaped me before.”

“The exercises that we did and the insights that I gained during the coaching sessions have allowed me to become much more self-assured. I don’t get frazzled, I generally don’t take things personally anymore and I’m able to express my opinion calmly and to get my point across. Coaching has changed my attitude and I’m able to react appropriately and effectively without having to bend over backwards or trying to be someone that I’m not.”

My Coaching Style

I believe that having fun and being seriously at work go together: my coaching sessions are deep and playful with a spirit of ‘anything goes’ and ‘nothing is out of place’.

The type of coaching I do is called Co-Active Coaching and takes a wholistic approach: whatever you work on / figure out / achieve in one area of your life will extend into other areas of your life. I do not tell you or teach you what to do; rather, the answers come from you thanks to reflective and creative questioning techniques and exercises. I am by your side to allow you to take a courageous look at yourself, keep you focussed on your goals, celebrate your achievements and to help you get back up and try again after set backs.

What I coach on

Be your best self: I coach women and men who know that they can and want to do more or something different and who want to stay true to themselves and their values while doing so.

Working in corporates: It is very easy to get caught up in daily work-life and have the business years just fly by. In order to actively take charge of your career, it is essential to take time to reflect on your own work and where you want to take it. In coaching sessions, we use dedicated and focussed time to bring out your values and strengths and develop strategies on how to live them in daily life as well as how to honour them on your future path. Large corporations may have their draw-backs, but they also offer almost unlimited opportunities - you just need to dare ask for them and take advantage of them. Coaching will help you become clear on what it is that you want to ask for or work towards.

Choose who you want to be: I coach women on getting clear on who they want to be as a partner, as a mother, as a professional - without getting boxed in by society’s expectations or their own pre-conceived notions. Feeling free to define the way you show up and how you design your life allows you to own your life and live it without regrets.

Training, qualifications & experience

My professional life started out in a global corporation. First, in a country unit juggling profitability and sales targets. Then, on a global level, setting global standards, dealing with virtual teams, training people and developing a light touch in diplomacy.

In 2015, I took a thorough look at my life and my work, and I realised that while I did like the analytical and data aspects of my job, I was most proud of what I achieved on an inter-personal level: figuring out what motivated people and how to get them engaged. Also, with motherhood on the horizon, I realised that an office job did not suit the life I envisaged.

Since 2016 I have been working as a Co-Active coach - mostly independently with private clients on a one-to-one basis. I have also worked in group settings and as a facilitator with www.escapethecity.org and “MAYA meetings - Events and meetings for Phenomenal Women”.

Other areas of coaching I deal with

IVF treatment




Additional information

I believe in making the power of coaching accessible to as many people as possible - not just top executives. Therefore, I offer different rates depending on employment situation. The rates should reflect the commitment you make to yourself to show up to each session ready to work, to challenge yourself in between sessions, and to really get something out of the coaching.

If you are interested (or are unsure), please contact me and we can have a call to clarify what coaching with me can do for you.


Mon through Fri: 12pm - 2pm, 6pm - 8pm

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Birgit Becker

Birgit Becker