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About us

“I was living,  without really living"

It’s so hard to step out of your whirlwind life, even for a minute.

I know. I’ve been in that place, where life is off-balance. From the outside, your life looks shiny and successful -- glamorous, even! But on the inside, you feel like you’re constantly racing to keep up...

Keep up the performance, keep pleasing people, keep delivering results, keep holding everything together.

You know you’re hiding, avoiding, and missing out on some crucial parts of your life.

I help busy go-getters like you rebalance your life, personal as well as professional, so you feel fulfilled instead of empty.

Through coaching, I provide you the support to work through overwhelming emotions and counter-productive behaviour patterns which have been holding you back.

You can reach your maximum potential while enjoying the rewards of a balanced life.

So, I guess …

- You are longing for something that’s out there...
- You are craving a healthy and fulfilling life?
- You have been feeling like this for a while - imbalanced!
- The urge to change outnumbers the ifs and buts in your life?
- Are you tired of being held back due to insufficient time, energy, or your emotions?

You are craving and yearning...

? To make memories with your loved ones

? To dote on your children

? Follow your dream career path

? Pursue your passions and pursue your hobbies.

? Start a charity or volunteer

? Overcome emotions that are holding you back

? Adopt healthier habits so you’re more resilient

? Plan for the future

? Get focused, organised and prioritise

Then being a Doer…

You are doing or have tried everything by the book to help you, and still no change!

Now, you are feeling STUCK!

- Don't know where and how to start?
-Cannot break patterns & habits?
- Unsure of what’s throwing you off balance
- Apprehensive in setting goals and action plans
- Doubtful of how to stick to the decisions you commit too
- Uncertain of how to break all this down into manageable steps
-Accountability, to whom?

You are fed up with the above, been there, done it. It's clearly not helping you.

You want to thrive while staying in a balanced life. You want to flourish, accomplish and boom, while spending time doing things you love and enjoy too. Things that make your existence worth it!

I know that when you’re ‘highly-accomplished’ it is very hard to reach out for help. We feel ashamed to ask for anything. And sometimes, we don’t even know what to ask for.

Working with a coach provided me personally, with a wonderfully safe, supportive space to unpack everything that scared me, upset me, frustrated and bewildered me. It wasn’t about stopping the hamster wheel… it was about stepping right out of it, and being able to look at my life with clarity, intention and purpose.

You can have that too! Book your Free Consultation ..https://bit.ly/2R5nw35

‘’Bhavya helped me to believe in myself and my strengths. After our coaching session I succeeded to achieve the next level in my network marketing business for the first time in 2 years.’’


“My Testimonial of my Journey to Confident Success. When I met Bhavya @forwardfocuslondon, I instantly had such a good connection with her. When I met her, I was overwhelmed with work! Also, I felt I was reaching my burn out point, and couldn’t understand why I felt I was working such long hours, and ending the day frustrated because I couldn’t finish what I had to do. The amount of stress I was accumulating was reaching a dangerous point.

As I started working with her, the transformation began on day one. The tools she passed on to me, helped me to focus, stop procrastinating, and get things done. Also, we worked on “ME”- many of my daily struggles started with me. Again, the path has been amazing! I cannot thank her enough for all that she has helped me accomplish so far, personally and professionally. Most importantly my stress levels reduced considerably. I am still with her exploring new possibilities and the new ME. If you are feeling how I did and experiencing the same struggles, please do contact Bhavya.”


‘’Excellent understanding of myself, which automatically assisted me in overcoming many barriers in my life. Enjoyed doing the perspective exercises as it helped me to shift my focus as well as give new things a try’ and a thought”


“I came to Bhavya after visiting counsellors and therapists, I always felt there was something missing in me and in my life. Bhavya was recommended by a friend and I went to her as my last resort. Through the work we did together I finally moved in my life after being stuck in the rut for over 5 years.” –


‘’Encouraging and supportive guidance, on this adventure and exploration of various aspects in and of my life. Also got me thinking about my next stage of life‘’


Training, qualifications & experience

My Credentials

I am a Certified, Professional, Co-Active Coach (CPCC) trained by the Co-Active Training Institute (CTI), one of the most highly-regarded professional coach training institutes in the world.

I am also an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) with the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and adhere to their code of ethics and core competencies.

I am an Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching Practitioner (ORSC) with CRR UK / CRR Global. CRR Global is an ICF-certi?ed coach training organization and consultancy firm.

We have verified that at least one professional at this organisation is registered with the relevant professional body.

Other areas of coaching I deal with

Talks that Uplift & Shift
Inspiring presentations about powerful subjects

I’m often asked to speak to groups about self-awareness, work-life balance and choosing new perspectives; and I’m always delighted to see how much transformation takes place during even a short, poignant presentation!

My goal is to uplift and inspire, while helping my audience shift their perspective in a way that changes their lives for the better.

Keynote presentation themes include:

- Emotional Wellbeing and Intelligence
-Perspective: How are you choosing to see your world?
Channelling Inner Strength: The Power to Aim High!
- Switching from Fear to Greater Courage & Calm
-Authentic Self-Awareness
- Setting Boundaries for Work/Life Balance & Healthy Relationships
- Managing Time to Pursue your Passions

… and so much more. Ask me about adapting the theme to meet your group’s needs.

I’m an experienced, engaging speaker and present regularly at networking events in the UK and overseas. I routinely contribute as a guest speaker for private groups and masterminds, where I explain how to overcome self-sabotaging thoughts to create and grow a healthy mindset.

“Bhavya’s dedication to her work shines through in everything she does. We worked together on a series of events and our members loved every single session. The events were packed full of useful tips and motivation to make the changes they so needed in their lives. I cannot wait to work with Bhavya again.” -

Krisztina Tardos, themeritclub.com

“Bhavya Arora’s workshops have been exceptionally helpful to our 1230 TWC Members, particularly during these difficult times of Covid-19. Her aims are always clear, and everyone comes away feeling uplifted and with actionable, achievable plans to improve their lives. Bhavya has a clear, friendly, approachable manner and takes time with sound responses to questions. I’m always delighted to welcome Bhavya back to 1230 TWC and would always highly recommend.” -

Jackie Groundsell 1230 TWC

“I loved hosting a live event with Bhavya. Her insights really helped my community members get a different perspective, grow in their business and change perspective. It was an insightful and informative session which I refer back to often during my brainstorms with my team.”

Shaan S Khanna - Networkingnowindia

“The brilliant Bhavya kindly gave the Earls Court Community a session today via Zoom. It has been a very tough month living through the purgatory of lockdown and this session immediately gave a lot of people a lift. We have already had some lovely feedback from several community members. It is the time to try something new and be the best YOU. Thanks, Bhavya!”

Toby Brown - Chairman Earls Court Community Trust


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday

Anything out of the above hours, please email me 

Further information

The Flustered to Fulfilled and Busy to Balanced Group Coaching Programme


Do you want to find balance in your personal and professional life, so you can start feeling fulfilled and accomplished instead of running on empty?

No matter how powerful, capable or successful we are, no matter how much courage, confidence and strength we have, there will be moments that we just can’t figure something out.

Even if you’re not sure what’s got you stuck…

You know it feels bad...

-You feel frustrated, anxious, confused or adrift
-You’re actively avoiding a task, a person or a situation
-You’re craving validation, more than ever
- You’re inner critic is LOUD!!
- You can’t sleep. Even though you’re exhausted
-You’re impatient and short-tempered, even with people you love
-You’re struggling to create what you longing for

If you answered Yes to all of the above or even a few, The Flustered to Fulfilled and Busy to Balanced Group Coaching Programme is maybe just what you need!

The 6 week / 4 session coaching programme is for individuals that are looking for support to overcome a tricky, emotionally draining, stressful or overwhelmed period, thought or habit.

Create your own group or join an existing group if space is available.

Type of session

In person

Types of client

Older adults
Employee Assistance Programme

Online platforms



Forward Focus (London) Ltd - Bhavya Arora

Forward Focus (London) Ltd - Bhavya Arora