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Assunta Cucca, Resilience and Leadership Coach

London, SE8
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About me

Hello, thanks for visiting my profile.

I am a coach, communications professional, entrepreneur, innovator, athlete, yogini, and a mum.

As I have a bit of an unusual background and have experimented with different ‘self identities’ throughout my life, I bring to coaching a wealth of interesting life experience. Maybe it's this that is attracting you to read my profile!

I help individuals who are overwhelmed by stress to become more resilient so that they are free to live the life they want with more purpose and energy.

                                                        ~ COVID-19 ~

This is a special and uncertain time. More than ever there is a need to develop resilience and awareness of our own fears. Mental health is now a priority, if it was not before for you!

I can help you by offering a safe and confidential virtual space where we can discuss your feelings, perhaps anxiety, but also a plan to to accept what is in your control, let go of what you cannot control and focus on realistic positivity.

Reach out to me, I am here to help!


I really believe that If you find the courage to be honest with yourself, a new world of possibilities will open up for you.

By learning to nurture your kokoro (Japanese word for heart, emotions and mind), you’ll start tapping into your self-confidence, ambitions, and strengths.

I help you find the courage to challenge your beliefs, gain new perspectives and embrace the freedom to be your authentic self. If you are ready to go deep and feel everything, then we are ready to work together and create a plan for your dream aspirations!

Contact me for an initial complementary discovery call!

What you get

~An equal partnership between me and you.

~A safe, confidential and non-judgmental space for your self-discovery and your goals plan.

~A cultural sensitive approach, coming from my international experience and knowledge.

~A body and mind approach: focusing on raising your energy, will impact all aspects of your life.

~An exploration of your values and drivers to find your purpose in your life.

~Sense of humour, empathy, presence. I care about you!

Resilience ~ Well-Being ~ Freedom

Allowing space to nurture your kokoro (mindset, feelings and desires) will give you the strength and resilience you need to be free to be who you want to be.

What I coach on

My clients come from all walks of life: executives and senior managers from private and public sector; entrepreneurs; parents returning to work; athletes; artists and writers; people with mental health challenges and more.

These are just some of the areas I coach on:

~Resilience and stress management

-Redundancy and Change

~ Modern Leadership

~Career change/job search



~Communications skills


My Unique Approach

I believe a clear mind keeps the body strong. My coaching conversations are two-way communication between the mind and the body. Drawing from a life time of being an athlete and my skills as a yogini, I use yoga techniques in my sessions to reduce stress and bring awareness to the body, together with visualisations and mindfulness practice to build resilience and increase well-being.


PLEASE NOTE: now only offering VIDEO and phone calls sessions due to the Coronavirus crisis

I coach in offices, public locations such as cafes, galleries etc.Zoom, Skype or FaceTime (specifically for people not in the UK), phone, in any locations in London which is mutually agreed with my client. I coach in English and Italian.

Training, qualifications & experience


I've enjoyed a varied international 15 years career, spanning from journalism, competitive sports, a spell of teaching, to human rights in not for profit, PR, internal comms and employee engagement, to finally set up my own consulting business focused on coaching and strategies for employee engagement.

I've successfully led people and programmes to change and shape corporate cultures, having worked for big brands such as lastminute.com, Tesco, Photobox and Moonpig, among others.

Freedom, Authenticity and Empathy are my values: having also worked as an activist and media manager in the sector of human rights, in Asia and the UK, I show that sense of humanity and care in whatever I do.


2018 Diploma in Transformational coaching, Animas Centre for Coaching, the leading Life Coaching school in London, accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF)

2017-2018 CPDs Mindfulness for Coaching; Positive Psychology; Ontologic coaching; Yoga for stress and digestive system; Positive Psychology; Stress Management; Employee Engagement; Culture change; Group Coaching

2006- 2007 MA Globalisation, Ethnicity and Culture, Sussex University-UK

1998 to 2004 MA Mass Media and Communication & BA Communication Science, Perugia University-Italy

Other Qualifications

  • 2017-2019 Yoga Teaching Training Diploma, Yogacampus, UK
  • 2010 Cross-culture Communications trainer, The Argonaut, UK
  • 2006 Qualified Professional Journalist, Italy

Member of the Association for Coaching


Let's schedule a free consultation call to explore the different packages available. One size doesn't fit all, right?

Further information


‘A couple of months ago I was feeling low, I was confused about my life and career, I was lacking enthusiasm and motivation. When I contacted Assunta I was pretty skeptical about coaching and the results I could achieve, but I felt I needed to talk to someone, or at least to dedicate some time to myself, to think and put my thoughts and feelings in order. Assunta is a great listener: she allows you talking freely but still she helps you channeling thoughts and words into a clear path: it’s like she helps you unraveling threads. She uses tricks like meditation or easy exercises to help you focus, list priorities and relax. After only 6 sessions with Assunta I was feeling much better, lighter and “sharper”. I strongly recommend Assunta as a personal coach, or personal “listener”!

Claudia- Managing Director at Camaleon

“Assunta is a careful listener. She listens quietly, without judgement or gesticulation. This neutral listening, enables honesty. Her communication style is often quite visual, when there aren’t (and sometimes there aren’t) the right words she uses imagery to get to the point. Questions are always on point, they’re insightful and relevant establishing trust and enabling further sharing. I started the sessions with my guard up and by our final meeting I felt like I was having lunch with an old friend.”

Hannah – Writer & Project Manager

“My sessions with Assunta were an insightful experience in which I found her to be planned, prepared and professional. She was resourceful and had knowledge in a variety of fields, such as mindfulness and visualisation, which furthered her coaching sessions. My progress is a true testament to her help and with this I will be able to continue on my entrepreneurial journey.”

Patrizia – Yoga Teacher

“I came to coaching at a new chapter in my life – first time mother navigating the marvels and challenges of raising a baby alongside a complete career change after my maternity leave had ended. Through our sessions, Assunta helped me identify and understand the negative thoughts and messages I gave myself about fear of failure, stress and setbacks and striving for balance. Assunta provided a space for me to find the answers that I had all along and to make sense of how to use the tools I also discovered I had, to deal with life’s complexities.

Assunta is an insightful, compassionate, genuine and approachable coach who I highly recommend for positive transformation.”

Taryn – MAMA.codes Finchley (Creative coding classes for children)

“Assunta is an incredible coach. She really listens and in doing so, is really able to see you and ask the right questions. I thoroughly enjoyed my sessions with Assunta. I found them very powerful and they have made a big impact in my life and led to positive change. I am looking forward to moving forward with all I’ve gained from our sessions. ”

Regine – Change Maker & Entrepreneur

“I believe coaching is a great way to understand and empower ourselves. The experience with Assunta has been very useful for me because she made me look at things from a different point of view and consequently find new approaches and solutions. I also loved the fact that Assunta offers you the opportunity to add mindfulness/yoga to her coaching sessions. A big plus for me!”

Sara – Senior Manager

“In every session with Assunta I felt I was listened. Her focus was really deep and the challenges she gently but precisely suggested to me were helpful. Thanks to the sessions with her, I regained the energy to keep moving and focus on how to do that. That hour with Assunta was a way for me to stop everything and regain control with a fantastic partner that can, in a skillful way, support you in your journey. I would definitely recommend her.”

Edvige- Marketing Manager

Type of session

In person
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Practical details

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Other languages English, Italian


Monday to Friday. Occasionally weekends. Flexible.


Assunta Cucca, Resilience and Leadership Coach

Assunta Cucca, Resilience and Leadership Coach

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