Andrew Richards

Andrew Richards

Plum Tree House
Low Road
Forncett St. Peter
NR16 1HY


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Plum Tree House
Low Road
Forncett St. Peter
NR16 1HY


About me

Imagine the impact of a relaxed and confident you...

My name is Andrew and I specialise in helping demotivated professionals find their mojo in their health and in their work

You might have found me because you are stuck on 'what next?'. You may have collected too much data on things you can't do. You may even have fallen out of love with yourself...

My purpose is to help you find the work you were born to do. To help you reconnect with your body and see what it could be. To help you collect all the data you need on what you can do!

In short, I help my people live life in HD!

Coaching at its best works with you to enable renewed confidence in your mind and your body. It empowers you to find the fulfilling work that you were put on this planet to do. It opens the door for you to live a fully expressed life purpose, and the relaxed confidence that goes with it.

The best bit is that all the resources to step into that version of your story are in you right now as you read this. All you need is someone to hold the mirror up. That's where I can help, so go ahead, reach out and let's see what's possible for you today!

Training, qualifications & experience

CTI CoActive Coach. 20 years corporate leadership experience up to VP level.


I have answers to many frequently asked questions here.

What's the cost?


How often?

Most clients seem to like coaching once a fortnight. Some like weekly coaching. Sometimes clients space things out a bit down the line. It's up to you - it can take a while for clients to unpack the coaching afterwards which is why we need a bit of space between sessions. Most of the value of the coaching is realised afterwards as the self-learning soaks in.

What are the practicalities?

I have a full-on day-job and nearly all of my clients do as well - therefore I coach in the evenings and sometimes at weekends. My clients love this flexibility, gives options for people both sides of the pond. Most of my coaching takes place on the phone or using a WebEx (Zoom is best I find). Once you've picked your slot, connect with me at the agreed time. Simple!

How long will we work together for?

Piece of string..... Some clients like a chunk of coaching over a period of time, others like ongoing coaching. There is a minimum 6 session (or 3 month) commitment to start with, with the aim of helping you get the most out of it. Often, after a few weeks, things start to 'move' for clients, and it is beneficial to be coached through them to understand the powerful dynamics involved. Thereafter, it can be cancelled by either party with 1 month notice.

I live in another country or timezone would that be OK?

It is usually fine, provided the timing works for both of us.

I'm not sure if coaching is going to be right for me - can I try it out first?

Absolutely. Coaching may not be right for you, and it's also important to know if there is a good 'connection' between us. I am not interested in coaching someone who does not want to show up as a client. You are under no obligation at all - you will know if you want to hire me. If you don't, we part company wishing each other well.

How do I know if it will work for me?

Coaching can lead to a lot of new perspectives. I have found that when really clients show up, committed to their life, then things will change, often quickly. The extent to which you change depends on how strong your desire is.

However, here are four reasons why it might not work:

You were not expecting it to be so, well,  personal.....It is - this is your life remember! Our sessions will be a safe place to show up with all the stuff going on in your world, all mixed together. Coaching means breaking the surface and going deeper to reach the juice that is holding you back. If that's too much, coaching isn't for you.

You were not expecting to be accountable for your life.....I'll hold your agenda. If you say you will do something, I will check in to make sure that you follow through, for the sake of the life you long for.

You were expecting me to solve all your problems and convince you to fire your boss and start a new life baking artisan bread from fairy dust! No. What I will do is help you find resonance in what you are meant to be doing, and help you see where your current circumstances play a part.

You wanted a buddy....coaching is a different thing. A buddy won't always blurt out what needs to be said. A buddy won't always be comfortable being with you in uncomfortable areas of life. I will be there in service of you - wherever that takes us.

Do you offer a money-back guarantee?

Coaching is about growing your resources so that you can live the life you truly want - at the end of the initial 3-month phase, if you honestly feel that no value has been brought to your life from our coaching relationship, I will reimburse you fully without question.

What's the difference between counselling and coaching?

Counselling can be seen as helping clients to move past certain issues in order to be able to function in everyday life. While coaching may involve acknowledging the role past events play in the decisions people make today, its focus is very much on where people are going in life, as opposed to where they are coming from.

How on earth do you have the energy to coach people in the evening?

I look forward to my coaching clients at the end of my day - I absolutely love to do it. If anything, coaching gives me energy!

Norwich, NR16 1HY

Type of session

Online life coaching: Yes
Telephone life coaching: Yes
Face to face life coaching: Yes

Practical details

Sign language: No
Other languages: None


Wheelchair access: Unspecified


Evenings 1930-2200