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About me

I am a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) and Systems Coach with over 500 hours of experience. I dedicate my life to help individuals, couples and teams design and build lives, careers and relationships that are authentic, alive and creative expressions of their true selves.

I am also an NLP Practitioner and Yoga teacher. I opened my own practise in 2012 and for the past six years I have used all three of these specialisms to assist in my coaching and mentoring work. I am devoted to development and progress, passionate about goals and achievements, human behaviour, relationships, and more than anything I am fervent about bringing transformation, Alchemy to the people who work with me. I work with couples, partnerships and teams.

I work intensely with values, beliefs and ethos to bring authenticity and as a result true motivation to my clients with the aim of solving conflicts, overcoming inner obstacles and self-doubts that normally make development processes inefficient and hold us back from expressing our true potential, ensuring in this way lasting transformation and change. With my commitment and guidance to your work and your development, there is no limit to what you can achieve.

I am honest and direct; sense of humour is a big value for me. My style is mainly Co-Active but influenced by yoga philosophy.

I offer help with the following:

One to one coaching

  • Career and personal development
  • Big life changes and transitions
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Identity, image & creativity
  • Work/life balance
  • Confidence & motivation
  • Health
  • Mentoring

Systems Relationship Coaching

  • Couples / Preventive & remedial
  • Business / Partnerships
  • Teams

Spatial Coaching

Creating spaces that support your living and working, and which are a true expression of who you are as an individual or company. (For more details, see “OTHER AREAS”)

The first benefit of life Coaching is that it is time just for you. This is time you set aside to step into your life, gain insights, draw closer to yourself and others and focus on the things in life that you really want. You get to play in this laboratory (metaphorically speaking) and create Alchemy, transformation in your own being and therefore in the projection of yourself in the world. There are many other benefits some of which are:

  • Self-discovery and personal growth.
  • Reconciliation with your values, passions and dreams.
  • Identify what you really want.
  • Recognise and remove the obstacles stopping you from obtaining what you want.
  • Gain more focus, direction and purpose.
  • Stop procrastinating and avoiding.
  • Gain back self-confidence and self-esteem.
  • See life in an optimistic way, like a white canvas, full of possibilities.
  • Time management and efficiency.
  • Find balance in your life.
  • Set those goals you are committed to achieve.
  • Design the necessary structures to accomplish your goals.
  • Learn how to take control of your own life.

My commitment as your Life Coach:

  • I am 100% committed to your process and success in achieving the life of your dreams.
  • I will believe in you even when you don’t, I will be your sounding board; I will champion you and challenge you at the same time.
  • I will provide a safe environment by being confidential, unconditionally supportive and non-judgemental of you, your views, lifestyle or aspirations.
  • I will do my share of the work by observing, listening and using questioning techniques to understand your current situation and where you would like to move to, or help you define the vision for your future to which we can work towards.
  • I will facilitate the exploration of your values, motivations, needs, desires, skills and thought processes to help you to attain a lasting and sustainable growth and change.
  • I will guide you and support you in setting goals appropriately, designing structures to achieve them and methods of assessing progress in relation to these goals.
  • We will explore together the land of possibilities and dig out the incredible potential that is sleeping inside you.
  • With time and practice you will learn techniques and personal competences to manage similar situations in the future so you can avoid unhealthy dependency.
  • I will give you extra support by e-mail or short chats. We will also keep contact between sessions for accountability of tasks and homework

Training, qualifications & experience

I deliver coaching in English & Spanish; over the phone, through Skype and face to face.

My interest in human needs began with my architectural studies and increased with the many years I worked in the profession in different countries. My passion for the mind and human behaviour led me to study Professional Coaching, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), & Yoga, with the intention of dedicating my time to help individuals to overcome their psychological limitations that keep them fearful and limited.

I trained as a Co-Active coach with The Coaches Training Institute (CTI) and as Systems Coach withOrganisation and Relation Systems Coaching (ORSC) the two most recognized coaching trainings in the world and both accredited by theInternational Coaching Federation (ICF), I have also trained as an NLP Practitioner and Yoga Teacher, all of which has influenced my style of coaching.

Since I created Alchemy- Coach, I have witnessed the most amazing type of alchemy, the transformation of the mind and behaviour of my clients towards a fulfilled and successful life.

Other areas of coaching I deal with


“There is no doubt whatever about the influence of architecture and structure upon human character and action. We make our buildings and afterwards they make us. They regulate the course of our lives.”
Winston Churchill, addressing the English Architectural Association, 1924

The physical environment in which we live influence our behaviour, and it has a profound effect on the way we feel and act. Elements such as layout, furniture and decoration style, ventilation, light, and colour, affect the way we feel, the clarity of our thoughts and thinking process, either stimulating or discouraging creativity and motivation.

A sense of feeling at home, in your space and in your body (physically and mentally) can only be achieved through authenticity.  Of all the knowledge we acquire through life, self-knowledge is the most important, we tend to see ourselves as fixed in time, but the truth that we are continuously changing and evolving. There lies the beauty of life.

We know we get influenced by our environment but also have a much stronger influence on our surroundings than we believe; they are a reflection of our identity: our values, our mental state and perspectives on life. Your space is the material representation of your inner self, of your identity manifested through your outer attitudes, your behaviours and your style,


Living and working in a space with which you fully identify, a space that reflects your personality and allows you to fully express yourself and be your authentic and creative self.

You will inhabit an environment that supports your activities and your personal or household dynamics.

It will help you to think clearly, procrastinate less and feel more motivated.

Photos & videos

  • Systems Coach
  • Coaches Training Institute
  • Triyoga
  • NLP practitioner


I offer 6 months packages, the standard package includes:

  • 1 x 90 minutes Discovery Session
  • 1 x 90 minutes Goal Setting and Planning Session
  • 10 x 1 hour traditional sessions
  • 90 flexible minutes, to be used in any manner that serve you best:

          º   6 x 15 minutes Laser Sessions

          º   Any combination of 15, 30 60 minutes sessions that adds up to 90 minutes.

          º   90 minutes Vision Session

The price of the standard package is £ 1,800

I have a limited number of concessions for people who can’t afford the full price.

If you live outside UK please contact me regarding prices.

For SPATIAL COACHING please contact me directly.

Further information


Anamaria Acevedo is an exceptional coach. In fact, she may well be the smartest, most discerning, most fun coach in London. She trained and practised as an architect before she moved to coaching, and her high intelligence and intuitive gifts show in all that she says. These qualities, combined with her persistence and sympathetic goodwill in pushing the client to put aside limits and work for what is wanted, at depth, make her a great asset to anyone’s life. A precious asset, in fact.

Anamaria has enabled me to tackle all kinds of creeping negativity in life, that was informing my outlook, and that I was for multiple reasons not quite facing, or seeing as a phenomenon that could be fundamentally challenged. Anamaria has shown me that I can challenge and change my outlook, something I didn’t think possible before. And she does it so cheerfully, and sympathetically! All kinds of achievements are now coming into view as possible and do-able that I had given up on. I am so grateful and cannot recommend her enough.

Don’t wait - do it! Because she WILL help in ways you didn’t think possible.

S Greene - Writer

"My experience with Anamaria has been exceptional. Thanks to her compassionate guidance, I have worked through crucial blockages and arrived at a profound understanding of my values and authentic desires. After working with her, I feel renewed, liberated, and find myself on the threshold of beginning a new chapter of my life: one marked by wonder, courage and openness. I would highly recommend Anamaria as a coach."

Amy H.

"When I first came to Anamaria, I was somewhat a bit of a mess, lacking a lot of confidence. From our first meeting, I immediately began to feel better. Not only was it great to share my struggles with someone, but she allowed me to realise that if I took a step back, take time to take a breath, I could begin to realise that I could trust and find faith in my ability to realise that happiness is already there within myself.

She had enabled me to open my eyes and look to the future with excitement, focusing on the things that I enjoy in life and beat down the walls that stand in the way.

She has taught me that one of the bravest things I could do is to let go of the things/people who hurt my mind and soul and instead listen to my own real voice"


“For a long time I was convinced I didn’t need anyone’s help and that I could solve my issues by myself…

From the first session I felt better and I realized I was dealing with a self-confident competent professional. You have contagious energy and happiness and coaching helped me to feel more confident and believe I am able to clearly define and achieve goals.

I discovered, with our meetings, that something really important and necessary to define and achieve goals is to learn to dream.”


“I never imagined that you could awake the sleeping lion that was inside me, it didn’t wake up furious; you rescued him from his lifelong hibernation.

With your grace, intuition, shrewdness and love, you guided me and started moving things inside me… my frustrations, my achievements, my fears. You have a gift and I also love your seriousness and responsibility.

You have a sixth sense to perceive mood’s states … and with subtlety you manage them, respect them and don’t give up until one finds oneself.”


“I learnt to think about myself, becoming aware that in life it is important to put issues and worries in standby, to take time to breathe deeply and start enjoying all the good things we already have…

I hold Anamaria in very high regard and the way she manages the coaching process. She was sensitively assertive in my case as we identified and explored the most important issues, which stopped me from enjoying my life in the way I deserve it.”


“I am grateful with Anamaria for her excellent collaboration in clarifying my ideas and the questioning , which made me reflect upon these things I have to work on to balance all areas in my life.

Our coaching sessions helped me to identify my priorities taking in account my strengths to be able to develop more pleasurable and productive activities in all fronts of my life. At the moment I am developing those activities and I have far more clarity towards my goals. I thank Anamaria hugely for her dedication and understanding on the subject.”

Marta Lucia B.

"These sessions helped me to realise that I have the tools to achieve whatever I want in life but that I don’t know how to use them. You, as a guide, helped me to understand how to take advantages of these tools and to put them into practice through different techniques and strategies."


London, NW3
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Type of session

Online life coaching: Yes
Telephone life coaching: Yes
Face to face life coaching: Yes

Practical details

Sign language: No
Other languages: Spanish


Wheelchair access: Unspecified


Monday to Friday 8:00 to 20:30 Saturdays 9:30 to 12:30