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About me

Welcome to Amanda Green coaching services!

What do I do

I help people suffering from work-related stress to get into a calm and confident state through my coaching calls. I am also trained in Mindfulness Coaching and work with my clients to help them calm their thoughts, reduce the mind chatter. Thinking can be exhausting!

Please get in touch for a free consultation via mobile phone or email to find out how my coaching sessions could benefit you. You are welcome to browse my website and of course, subscribe to my newsletter. In the meantime, here's a bit more content around the stress management coaching...

Stress can dominate our entire existence, it can lead to anxiety and impact our happiness, quality of life and health. However, it is possible to overcome stress and get into a calm and confident state (not easy, but possible)! Trusted and tested techniques as well as a sequence of coaching sessions can have an enormous positive effect.

Workplace stress can stem from overwhelm, workload, pressures, expectations or targets, confrontation, conflicts of personality, change, management, lack of communication or direction, feeling bullied or undervalued and it can make us thoroughly miserable. We generally spend a significant proportion of our lives at work so it is incredibly valuable to be able to handle any situation or individual without letting it affect our happiness.

If you can answer 'yes' to any of the following, it could be the right time to get in touch for a free consultation. There is certainly nothing lost and life is just too short to allow work related stress to take over and hijack your emotions and head space...

  • Do you feel bullied or dominated at work?
  • Do you feel uneasy at the thought of going into work?
  • Is your mind constantly racing even when you are not at work?
  • Are you struggling to get to sleep and do you wake frequently before it's time to get up?
  • Do you feel on edge regularly or find it hard to concentrate outside work?
  • Do you find it difficult to switch off outside work and are you constantly checking and re-reading emails?
  • Do you play out work related scenarios in your mind /imagine confrontational situations?
  • Do you feel self conscious about expressing your opinions at work?
  • Does the thought of going into the office or meetings make you feel nervous?

Stress can affect many of us; it can happen to the strongest and most confident people. Take action early. My coaching sessions can help you be the person you want to be, react in exactly the way you wish to, manage your state and emotions and deflect comments and actions from others as if you have a built in lightsaber!

"Inner peace begins the moment you take a deep breath and choose not to allow another person or event to control your emotions." Marc Chernoff

Training, qualifications & experience

  • Personal Performance Coaching Diploma - The Coaching Academy
  • Mindfulness Coaching CPD - The Coaching Academy
  • Financial Coaching CPD - The Coaching Academy

My background is 20 years experience in business and sales (corporate and self employed). In addition to coaching I currently help Lancashire based SME's with their business growth.

With extensive experience in mentoring, training and developing individuals and building high performance sales teams, I understand how to help others achieve. A large part of this is uncovering what could be holding you back from reaching either a material goal or a state you want to get into/feel.

I have observed and experienced how stress, pressure, confrontation and various work related challenges can affect the confidence, self-belief and happiness of strong and talented people.

I enjoy challenging myself whether that's in business, delivering presentations and workshops, as a mother or on the back of a horse! Life is too short to endure stress and anxiety and I have conducted hundreds of coaching sessions to help my clients work towards a calm and confident state.

Other areas of coaching I deal with

  • Stress management
  • Workplace stress
  • Bullying
  • Anxiety
  • Mindfulness

Photos & videos

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This depends upon the service/package.

Please contact me for further information via email.

Further information

Some testimonials from clients who have experienced coaching sessions with Amanda Green Coaching Services.

"The sessions with Amanda very quickly allowed me to choose a path and be absolutely confident that finally I could see where I was going. The session's very invaluable and Amanda has a gently and soothing voice, we did all my sessions over the phone, I felt completely prepared for each one and relaxed and focused at the end." Caroline

"I would like to thank Amanda for her help and support over our coaching sessions. I have found them incredibly helpful, motivating and positive for my self-development. Much more so than I ever thought I would." Stuart

"It may sound dramatic to say that Amanda has changed my life but it's true. Under Amanda's coaching, I have become a more confident, self-aware person. I no longer feel lost." Helen

"Her questions were insightful, thought provoking and sincere. I have found her to be highly competent in what she does" Sharon

"At first I was hesitant about being coached but I’m glad I embraced the opportunity. Since starting my coaching sessions with Amanda I feel more organised, motivated and have a clearer idea of what I need to do to achieve my goals. Amanda is a fantastic coach and I look forward to our calls, she’s always supportive and is never phased by any of the challenges I’m looking to overcome through coaching." Rob

"It has been a tough year and the coaching has really helped me not to panic, to get focused and to take control. I think without the grounding this has given me, I may have given up on my business this year." Eleanor

"Amanda was a great listener and always made me feel at ease. It was great that I could talk and not be judged or told what I should do; but rather given the opportunity to say out loud what I needed to do for me and make decisive conclusions. This opportunity have given me the confidence and self belief to be a more organised and forthcoming person." Jennie

"When I started my coaching journey with Amanda, I really didn't know what to expect. I hoped that Amanda would give me all the answers and that everything would be hunky dory. Well, things have changed massively for me but I wasn't handed the answers on a plate.

All my sessions were over the phone. I took myself off to a quiet space where I wouldn't get disturbed and through a series of thought provoking questions the sessions really made me rethink certain situations and look at things through a different pair of glasses.

I now sit back and think things through before making decisions. I think about what I really want and how my decisions (professional and personal) will impact on my work / life balance as well as the benefits to myself and my family. I think about the end goal and how I can do my best to ensure that this looks how I want it to.
My husband only commented a few days ago about how much he has seen my confidence grow and my decision making process change over the past year and he himself puts this down to the coaching and support I received from Amanda.
I cannot thank Amanda enough. It has been an amazing experience. I have laughed and cried more than once through my sessions and I often refer back to my notes to remind myself how far I have come and to keep focused." Jen

"Amanda was my Business Coach at a time when I felt I was at a crossroads in my career. Having worked with previous coaches in the past, I was delighted by Amanda's fresh approach to helping me come to the right decisions about my next move. A professional to the nth degree, her coaching is no -nonsense, supportive and progressive.

Amanda's strengths lie in building strong, trusting relationships quickly and in clear effective communication. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to anyone who needs a third party to help them gain clarity in their career, in whatever point they are at in life. If you are struggling to get from A to B or you're not sure where B is, this capable, motivational woman can help you." Sharon

Lancaster, LA1

Type of session

Online life coaching: No
Telephone life coaching: Yes
Face to face life coaching: No

Practical details

Sign language: No
Other languages: None


Evening and weekend coaching call sessions

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