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About me

I will not be asking you to do what I have not done myself.

Background and proposal

My leadership, development, coaching and mentoring practice stems from my extensive experience of successfully leading and managing major organisational transitions for change. I have unfinished business, in that, I want to transfer these skills into your work practices. “If you want to learn from the best mix with the best and those who can walk the talk.” Adopting this approach to service your development will enable you to not only succeed but also avoid the pitfalls and mistakes I made on my journey towards understanding, developing and successfully applying this approach in practice.  I want you to have that exhilarating experience you feel when those you are responsible for feel valued and want to came to work. I have applied this practice within a variety of organisations in both the public and private sectors. I have published a book entitled, “Leadership and Organisational Problem Solving and Learning to Manage the Organisational Maze.”  My book attempts to provide an insight into developing an understanding of the real social and behavioural dynamics you need to understand and address when involved in making organisational changes.  One of the lessons you can extract is that introducing change, stems from perceived poor performance through the extremely low levels of employee engagement within your organisation. That the behaviour and developed culture of that organisation has directly contributed to these unwanted practices. "Behaviour gets behaviour", therefore if the working environment is not conducive and/or supportive it directly influences the levels of engagement. By simply creating and developing a conducive working environment, that supports your organisation's service delivery intent that individuals can relate to, you will have those same employees climbing the wall for you. You will also learn that all organisations need to be able to constantly respond to a variety of external powerful influences, which in turn influence the behaviour and performance of your organisation. A clear example is the external influence of the Covid pandemic. Others could be an unexpected collapse in the financial markets, or the mainframe computer fails to function are obvious clear indicators that your organisation has to effectively respond to. I am simply offering this opportunity to explore this approach and learn how this can directly benefit you, those working for you and the whole organisation's service delivery performance.


There is the critical need to create a working environment where individuals want to come to work, to work in teams, to express themselves creatively where they can clearly see that their contribution influencing their organisation's service delivery performance, by tapping into the collective intelligence of the whole organisation. this approach enables multiple presenting issues to be simultaneously addressed. There are cost benefits created through removing many of the dysfunctional practices and improving your service delivery performance. 


Throughout this development process as your coach, I will be available to support you through your own and your organisation's development programme. I have successfully used an organisational leadership led approach when coaching individuals through change programmes, working successfully with female executives to address the issue of The Glass Ceiling, Conflict management: using the organisations as the third party resolution methodology, engagement to improve recruitment and retention issues, improving creativity within teams, cross boundary collaboration within the team, organisations, national boundaries and the influence of technology and many other organisationally generated behavioural issues. I can assure you is a brilliant resource for performance improvements also it is transferable from one department, organisation, industrially and internationally.

Personal Coaching Development.

A good deal of personal development is incorporated when working with individuals and teams within organisations. 

I enjoy equally as much coaching individuals to address issues in their personal and those that seem from their working lives. I have worked with clients to find solutions to their presented problems. The prevention issues can be limited to self-belief, social and work-life conflict, achieving a satisfactory work-life balance, conflict resolution within the individuals and or with others by repositioning, and many other presenting issues. If it is not within my coaching skills, I will refer them to an appropriate support facility.

Contact details: 
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Mob: 07523 528895               
Geographically based in London

Training, qualifications & experience

I have a Master Degree in Organisational Analysis and Development. My thesis is entitled Technology Change and Managing the Consequences” which explores the behavioural consequence when introducing new technologies. I am a Chartered Mechanical Engineer, Member of the Institute of Mechanical Engineer, Member of the Chartered Institute of Management, have a diploma in Corporate and Executive Coaching. I am a level two certified DISC practitioner.
I have also had the opportunity to study Organisational Behaviour and Socio-Technical systems at Berkley University of California, this was part of a programme of studying many diverse companies in America and Europe. These research tours, enabled a development programme for a brewing, process, packaging and national distribution site. Which created an opportunity to ‘get rid of what does not work well but retain what did work well.’

At Imperial Tobacco I was asked to examine some of the work practices to reduce the alienation of many of the female employees. The programme was successfully designed to change the work practices that enable the ladies to direct and control their own work patterns.

NHS working to change the work and performance culture of the Greenwich District Health Authority, which was completed successfully. Providing improve service delivery, significant reduction of revenue expenditure, bring it back on budget.  Redesigning the heat delivery systems reducing not only the tariff ratings but also the overall capital cost by 3.5 million pounds.

Worked for the National Health Training Authority for two years as a Leadership and Development Consultant where my work demanded that I worked nationally within seventeen health Authorities.  In one authority, Redhill supported the effective merging of two surgical and theatre services.

I had the opportunity to successfully consult in a number of varied organisations in the United Kingdom and internationally.

I had to suspend my career to become a sole parent to support my own son’s development needs.

After three years I resumed work, as a consultant within Greenwich Local Authorities Building Control.  From there I went on to successfully manage the contract for the Central Show and National Communication systems for the Millennium Dome. I was retained to review all the existing contracts that had been implemented and forensically discovered a number of fraudulent contractors.

I was then requested to work on the Canary Wharf construction project where I worked with contractor to ensure that their individual contract would work effectively. The various contractors who interfaced were contracted to work collectively to solve any issues where they interfaced, which achieved a significant reduction in delay as and loss of revenue.

Even though I temporary retired to manage the results of Cancer I have never lost the drive and excitement of successfully improving the service delivery performance of an organisation, whilst improving the quality of working lives of those affected. Which has led me to set up my leadership and personal development coaching and mentoring practice. Part of my practice is also being cognisant that when an organisation is making a transition for change those affected are also having to make a personal transition. Naturally, my practice can provide that necessary support and development service for those individuals and teams affected by any of the change processes.  

Other areas of coaching I deal with

  • Contract management. 
  • Conflict resolution. 
  • Inter-team relationships.
  • Group dynamics.
  • Interpersonal relationships.
  • Productive meetings.


Free initial in-person, telephone or online session

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If the contact is internationally based I can be flexible and work to match differences in international time zones.

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Almeric Johnson

Almeric Johnson