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About me

We are living in unprecedented and uncertain times... a changing world and a scary world. People are losing their jobs, losing their loved ones, losing their security and their stability...our lives and normal existence is changing, we can’t do things we used to do or wanted to do and we are having to change how we normally live. This is very unsettling and phenomenally hard to deal with but people are incredible when faced with insurmountable challenges...people endure and find opportunity and kindness in hardship, people join together and people excel -individually and collectively.

Are you facing terrible hardship and challenges in your career, relationship, your personal life or life in general? Are you battling to find a way out. Are you feeling hopeless and powerless? Do you feel like giving up? Or maybe you just want to take advantage of the opportunities a changing world offers?

I can offer you support - a listening ear, encouragement, mentoring and coaching drawing on my NLP, coaching and change management skills and my own experience.

I have gone through my own tumultuous times - an acrimonious divorce, losing my business, my property portfolio, negative credit record, dealing with different challenging jobs, re-establishing a new support structure of friends and experts and making lots and lots of mistakes along the way. But I have come through all of that with amazing lessons, strength and a wealth of experience; as well as a powerful desire to help others facing challenges.

Let me help you get through these difficult times and recreate your life to live happily and take advantage of the opportunities this new world will bring.

What some of my clients say...

"Previously I was struggling to be as productive as I would like to have been. I couldn’t work out why I wasn’t getting a lot done even though I thought I was motivated. My reasoning was that I was just naturally a lazy person and I contacted Alissa Lang to try and work out what to do and if she could help.

I feel like Alissa was able to make a good connection from the first phone call. She effortlessly puts you at ease and she strikes the right balance between asking questions and imparting her wisdom.

Alissa really helped me to cut through the fog and improve my organisational and self-motivation skills. She has a fantastic ability to get you to understand yourself and what makes you “tick” whilst seemingly asking and talking very little.

I can thoroughly recommend Alissa’s services. Great at listening and great at understanding exactly what it is you need help with. Always punctual, reliable and patient - 10/10 service."



"From the very first time I met Alissa, I found her to be warm, approachable and sincere. In a very short space of time I felt that I could trust her implicitly and could share absolutely anything freely with her without being judged. Not only did she validate my feelings about an issue, but she has always been able to inject unexpected insights into my situations. With a few carefully directed questions, she is able to help me analyse my emotions, evaluate my beliefs and organise my thoughts to the extent that I realise what it is that I really want and need and what it is that I have to do to achieve that end. She has fuelled me with the courage and the conviction that I was lacking to propel me forwards in life, rather than hanging back in a permanent state of limbo. And moreover she has reignited a zest for life in me and the belief I can be that person that I have always dreamt of being."



"Where do I begin? Life coaching is something that I had never really considered outside of the many seminal books written by the likes of Napoleon Hill, Dale Carnegie, Robert Kiyosaki and Norman Vincent Peale. I cannot begin to think how I can thank Alissa for the truly inspirational advice and guidance she has given to me over the last couple of months.

From the very first time you meet Alissa, you will be made to feel at ease and relaxed. Conversation is very easy and her ability to make you think about what it is that you want to do, whether structuring life goals in ways that you would never have considered or helping you focus on the things that really matter to you and how you could achieve them, with clear practical advice.

Her ability to make you feel more confident about yourself and your abilities lies at the heart of her coaching. It may be that you are unable to think clearly and unable to organise your thoughts with so much going on in your personal life. Alissa with a wealth of life experience helps you unlock many of the inbuilt barriers we have. She challenged many of my preconceptions about areas of my personal and life with many of the questions that she brought to our meetings. She helped me to re-evaluate what was important to me and whether I was willing to make the sacrifices needed to achieve what I wished to do with my working life.

Alissa has a positive approach and this is contagious; it encourages you to want to do more and fulfil your potential. We touched upon so many areas without being clichéd, her skill at being able to ‘look outside the box ‘is as amazing as it is refreshing. She has helped me regain focus and provided lots of positive reinforcement and a framework to help me identify the changes I wanted to make. In summary Alissa has enabled me to transforming my life and I will be forever grateful.

As a result of the time spent with Alissa, I have been able to become more organised, with a positive outlook. These changes are having a major impact on my life and the people around me.

It doesn't matter what stage your life is at, improvements can always be made. No one is perfect, but if there were more of us out there determined to improved ourselves, the world would be a much better place. If you are able to search deep within yourself, you will find the answers are already there, just waiting to be plucked. Alissa serves as a guide to finding the answers you're looking for with her unbelievable insight. The journey will be pleasurable and along the way, you will experience self-healing and self-discovery as you work towards the New You - a more confident, self-assured, determined person. You really ARE what you believe yourself to be, and you CAN do anything if you put your mind to it!"


Training, qualifications & experience

  • New code and classic code NLP Practitioner qualification (studied with the co-founder of NLP, John Grinder and Carmen Bostic St Clair and Michael Carroll)
  • Change Management Practitioner
  • Prince2 Practitioner
  • Property Investor (building and managing a property portfolio)
  • Entrepreneur
  • Mum
  • Vocational qualification in complicated divorces (own experience)

Other areas of coaching I deal with

  • Divorce
  • Start-up businesses
  • Relocating
  • Emigration
  • Highly sensitive individuals


In today's challenging times I have different options based on your circumstances, so call me to discuss.

The most important pre-requisite I have is for coaching with me is a desire in you to change.

I look forward to hearing from you!


Type of session

In person
Home visits

Practical details

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10am to 2pm: Monday, Tuesday and Friday

10am to 8pm: Wednesday and Thursday

Weekend availability - please enquire


Alissa Lang

Alissa Lang