About me


I'm Alison.  I know life doesn't always turn out how you planned, and sometimes you can end up feeling stuck.  I've been helping people like you figure out their next steps for more than 20 years.

Maybe you feel you've reached a crossroads.  Maybe the future you saw ahead of you is no longer possible, or is no longer what you want.  How do you figure out which direction to take when you can't see the wood for the trees?  When you feel like you've lost yourself somewhere along the way?

How can you find the confidence, the clarity, and the courage you need to start making decisions and taking action, when you sense that your dreams are so fragile one harsh word might shatter them?

I know within you there's a wisdom reminding you there's so much more to you than what the world knows, or sees.  That life is about freedom, lightness, joy, excitement, and endless possibility.  I also know you're scared of making a mistake, of letting people down, of being judged, of failing.  The thought that who you are now is all you'll ever be fills you with dread, and yet you feel guilty for wanting to be more.

Maybe your family and friends have tried to help but you've struggled to find the words to explain what's wrong.  And anyway, you hate to be a burden, to ask for help.

You're looking for someone to believe in you until you can believe in yourself.  To connect you back to who you truly are.  To help you see what’s possible.  Someone to share your hopes and dreams with while they gain strength and substance, because they are so very fragile.  You need someone to show you a way to find yourself, someone who will expect enough, but not too much of you.  Someone to help you open up to new choices, possibilities, and opportunities.  Someone dare I say it, like me.

I know you're not looking to set the world on fire, you simply want to feel lit up again, to feel the freedom to be yourself.  To feel real clarity and confidence about what you most desire, and know how to make that happen.  

Work with me if you want to:

  • Explore the future in a positive way
  • Define a clear direction that reflects your values
  • Rediscover your unique gifts and sense of identity
  • Feel confident and re-energised about the path ahead

I can help people who:

  • Are struggling with how to be an introvert in an extraverted world.
  • Have experienced an unexpected change in their career or relationship
  • Are facing difficult health challenges
  • Suffer from low confidence or self-esteem
  • Feel weighed down by responsibilities / have reached burnout
  • Know they are worth more but are not sure what to do about it
  • Have been bereaved and haven't yet found a way to move forward
  • Are feeling lost or that they're living a "half-life"

I offer a free no obligation "Future Self Call" where you get to tell me your current challenges, what's missing for you right now and how you would like your future to be.  During the call, I will answer any queries or concerns you may have, and we can decide if I am the best coach for you.

I coach worldwide via Skype, Zoom, Teams or WhatsApp.

Get in touch, you have nothing to lose, and a beautiful life to gain.

Training, qualifications & experience


  • Accredited Diploma in Transformational Coaching
  • Accredited Certificate in Group Coaching & Facilitation
  • Certificate in Somatic Coaching
  • Accredited Certificate in Existential Coaching


  • 8 week Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction
  • Certified Meditation and Mindfulness Teacher


  • Level 3 Pilates Matwork
  • Intermediate Matwork
  • Advanced Matwork
  • Standing Pilates
  • Pilates with the Thera-Band

Leadership / Team Development:

  • Bestfoods UK Ltd - Leadership 2000
  • Innocent Drinks - Leadership Challenge
  • Lindt & Sprungli UK Ltd - Emerging Leaders Programme


  • Bereavement Support Foundation Course
  • Postvention: Assisting those Bereaved By Suicide
  • Level 2 Mental Health Awareness
  • Applied Suicide Intervention Support Training

Other areas of coaching I deal with

Mindfulness coaching

Somatic coaching

Existential coaching

Bereavement coaching


Additional information

**Free No Obligation Future Self Call**

Individuals - 8 x 1hr sessions on a fortnightly basis

Please contact me for current fees.

Groups - Purposeful Planning workshops - value-based annual planning with a whole life approach

Please contact me for upcoming dates, locations and prices.

Further information


"I am a new person, Alison helped me focus on what was really important to me, gave me the confidence to make a really big decision and gave me my life back. I can now see the wood through the trees, plan better and am back in control. Alison is so highly recommended I cannot thank her enough for helping me realise that I didn’t need to walk away from everything I loved but just to realign and recognised what was truly important to me."

Kelly, Somerset

"Alison has given me an inner strength that l had previously lost. I now feel equipped to open up my life to new possibilities, which is a huge step forward. Alison was always non-judgemental, totally confidential, putting me at ease and really listened to me."

Marie, Somerset

"Alison has been instrumental in holding my hand throughout my exploration of the future and supporting me whilst making sure I understood the decision I was making."

Becky, Surrey

“My sessions with Alison were great. She was detailed and dedicated to her work with her client. She is very skilled and I am truly grateful for the help and support she gave me to work through some difficulties I face.”

Abby, London

“From our first meeting Alison really made me think about what I wanted to address. She has helped me rebalance important relationships. She has helped me structure my goals in an achievable way. She has helped me focus on things that really matter to me. I feel that I have a better and more positive sense of direction now. I’ve certainly grown in confidence in my own abilities and self worth.”

Debbie, Surrey

“Alison is an extremely skilled and refreshing life coach whose smart use of questioning techniques helped facilitate my thought process and empowered me get to know myself and my personality. Throughout our dynamic dialogue, she gave me challenge, support, motivation and hope.”

Mariana, London

“Alison is skilled at asking questions to get to the root of things. She is also very perceptive and through her questions can help you draw out important thought patterns and blocks, which can help you shift and create change.

Alison’s coaching style is sensitive and non-judgemental. I found this subjective approach very useful; she doesn’t tell you what to do or think and remains quite detached in a way, which helps you to come to your own conclusions. This emphasises that it is you who has to make the changes!”

Clare, Bristol


Type of session

In person