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About me

How can I help?

You are pure love and more healthy than you could ever imagine.

If you are going through hard times I will help you see beyond the illusion that your personal mind creates. Truth will set you free from all your worries and anxieties.

If I can help you quiet your mind for just a few minutes you will discover your true self and find your way home. You will experience pure joy and you will find the answers to your problems.

You are more wise than you could ever imagine and the answers you seek lie deep within your soul.

I will serve as your guide until you find your own truth and then you are free to live the beautiful and joyful life you deserve.

The experience that changed my life.

It was nearly 14 years ago when I found myself in Seattle listening to a guy called Mr Levene. We were in a small room having a one-to-one session. He was talking about thought and how subjective it is and then out of no where I began to laugh and couldn’t stop. I remember he kept asking me what is so funny but I couldn’t talk.

Eventually I was able to tell him that I experienced what lies behind our personal thinking and It was so beautiful I could only laugh. For the next few days the world seemed so peaceful and I felt so happy and healthy. I saw the world and people differently. All I could see was love and innocence in everyone I met.

I doubted that experience many times because so many authors and public speakers talk about doing something to achieve happiness. On that day I experienced the truth that we are innately healthy and happy. It’s our personal thoughts that lead us astray.

When we quiet our minds and allow our thoughts to pass through us peacefully we get to experience what lies behind our personal thinking, we get to see behind the chaos of our personal minds and experience truth which is pure love and beauty. in that moment all our worries fall away and we find pure health.

Taking our thoughts seriously is probably the most widespread addiction out there and I’ve slipped into the illusion it creates many times. Without our personal mind we would have no free will so it’s a gift and a challenge to see beyond it and find the truth.

How much does a session cost?

All sessions are online and cost £40 (Each session lasts 1hr 30mins)

Take the first step...

It’s important that you feel comfortable working with me so just give me a call, send a text or pop me an email. I’m always happy to have a chat first before you book any sessions.

Phone: 07725 600727

Email: alanabrahamscoaching@gmail.com

It’s your birthright to feel good so be kind to yourself and find the help you need.

If I’m not the person you’re looking for then keep searching and I wish you every success.

It’s an honour and a pleasure to help my clients and if we do work together I will do all I can to help you discover your innate health and live the joyful life you deserve.

Training, qualifications & experience

I am a fully qualified Life Coach & NLP Practitioner.

I am blessed to have had my own deep understanding of the mind and so many of my teachings come from personal experience.


£40.00 per session
Free initial telephone session

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£40 per session (Each session lasts 1hr 30mins) 


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Alan Abrahams (Spiritual Mentor & Anxiety Coach)

Alan Abrahams (Spiritual Mentor & Anxiety Coach)