About me

Are you…

  • Stuck in your life or business, falling short of reaching your goals
  • Lacking clarity on how to get to the next level and achieve what you want
  • Feeling like something is holding you back but you don’t quite know what
  • Noticing repeated patterns, such as attracting the same type of partner
  • Not moving forward despite having read the self-help books and been to therapy
  • Always feeling like you’re never ‘there’ yet, and unhappy no matter how much you succeed
  • Comparing yourself to others or worried by what people might think or say about you
  • Letting your fear of failure either drive you, or stop you from even trying
  • Hesitating to put yourself out there and procrastinating on taking action
  • Mentally beating yourself up with harsh criticism and perfectionism
  • Constantly doubting yourself, your abilities and your value

Here’s the thing:

Creating a life you love starts with being a person you love.

How do I know?

Because I spent years chasing success in all areas of my life.

I was desperate to make money, longed for a relationship and was obsessed with trying to achieve the perfect body.

But no matter how hard I tried, I never seemed to get there.

I assumed that I wasn’t good enough nor deserving of what I wanted.

Eventually I realised that my lack of success wasn’t evidence for my belief that I wasn’t good enough - it was the result of it.

Realising that I needed to be happy with myself regardless of my circumstances, I embarked on the spiritual path of self-love.

I continuously let go of any unloving beliefs I judged about myself and discovered what I’d been searching for all along:

Inner peace.

The less I needed things outside of me in order to feel good, the more I started to manifest and attract what I wanted.

That’s how I created The 5D Method™, and why I’m now on a mission to show the world:

That the secret to success is self-love.

I've since used The 5D Method™ with hundreds of clients who, as a result have:

  • Drastically increased their revenue
  • Expanded their team and launched internationally
  • Quit their jobs to follow their passions
  • Started their own businesses
  • Gotten promotions and won awards
  • Found long-term, committed partners
  • Taken up new hobbies and adventures
  • Improved their family relationships
  • Gotten fitter and healthier
  • Made new friends, and more

Are you ready to get out of your own way using The 5D Method™?

Desire: Get clear on the life and business you wish to create and why

Diagnose: Make conscious the unconscious limiting beliefs that hold you back so they no longer dictate your fate

Detach: Liberate your sense of peace, freedom and joy since they will no longer be dependent on things outside of you

Declare: Embody the person you’ve been striving to become and love yourself without conditions

Do: Take soul-aligned action that brings you fulfilment and watch the magic unfold as your dreams start coming true

Working with me will help you to…

  • Let go of fear and limiting beliefs
  • Follow your passions, feel fulfilled and do what you enjoy
  • Feel more confident, happy and at peace within yourself
  • Reach new levels of financial security, freedom and prosperity
  • Attract amazing people and opportunities into your life as if by magic
  • See greater success in life and business with more ease and flow
  • Become emotionally resilient no matter what life throws at you
  • Create a life on your terms - the life you dream of living
  • Improve your health and relationships
  • And more…

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Here are just a few of my clients' testimonials:

"I can’t believe how much my mindset has shifted already!” — Karolina, entrepreneur

“My life on the whole feels like I’m on the next level. I’ve realised that I’m pretty awesome as I am, and no longer do I feel like I need to hide who I am behind a stereotype of what society deems acceptable as a woman. Working with Aimee was truly life changing.” — Liv, musician & personal trainer

“Before the coaching a lack of confidence was holding me back in a lot of ways. I’ve since got my freelancing up and running, and I’ve seen my creative work take huge steps forward to the point where I’ve made real progress on passion projects that I thought I would never do.” — Liz, creative writer

"Aimee and her coaching has been the best thing I have done towards my personal development. Many years of reading self-help books and taking online courses achieved far less than my 6 months working with Aimee.” — Lisa, coach

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