Agnieszka Krawczyk

Agnieszka Krawczyk

About me

It breaks my heart that so many wonderful, creative and kind people who are feeling so lost, confused, stuck or miserable in their work-life. There is so much potential, energy and talents out there that could make a positive difference in the world!

I believe, our work should support us not only financially, but also make our lives feel more joyful and meaningful. Helping others find their ikigai (japanese for 'reason to jump out of bed in the morning') is my mission!

Do you find yourself at times:

  • Feeling like you want more meaning in your work, but you can't really feel & decide what would be the most meaningful thing for you?
  • Feeling inadequate, anxious and intimidated by others who seem to ‘have it together’ more than you?
  • Feeling scared others might think you're not good enough at what you do, discover that you're a 'fraud' in some way?
  • Feeling confused and struggling to take decisions, often procrastinating and agonizing over making the wrong one?
  • Feeling really frustrated, angry and deeply hurt when someone doesn't respect your values, work ethics and time?
  • Having a hard time saying 'no', being assertive, speaking up for yourself and communicate your needs clearly?
  • Over-committing, feeling overwhelmed with too many responsibilities?
  • Trying to make things perfect and get the best results, even if it means sacrificing your health/relationships/time for yourself?
  • Terrified of making a mistake and being publically criticised and judged?
  • Feeling chronically tired, overwhelmed, stressed, sick or on your way to burnout?
  • Constantly feeling like you're behind, like you should have achieved something by now, comparing yourself to others?
  • Wanting to build your professional identity as a valued expert, but struggling to define your strengths and skills?
  • Not really sure what your purpose is and if you're even on the right path?
  • Always wanted to start your own business but you don't know what you might do and are overwhelmed by too many ideas?
  • Feel like you need to do something BIG and EXCEPTIONAL, and you should be able to do it faster and better than anyone else? (often resulting in overwhelm and not even being able to start with anything)
  • Struggling to grow your business, feeling lonely, lost or overwhelmed?
  • Missing freedom, independence, and adventure in your work-life?

If you see yourself in any of those, don't despair... you’re not alone! Those might be signs of some bad working habits and beliefs, being in the wrong job or in a toxic workplace. You might need to get some distance, look at things from a different perspective, and make an important decision to change something.

Breaking the rules you played by so far in your life and following your gut often makes your mind (and the people around you) totally freak out! That's why you need clarity, confidence, and courage to make a change. Otherwise, you'll just end up listening to your self-doubt and keep playing small, going back to your (painful but at least well known!) comfort-zone.

When you're dealing with any career or business change and lots of uncertainty, i’s good to have someone you trust by your side. Someone who won’t judge, won’t force you into anything - you've got friends and family for that already :). Someone who will listen, stay open-minded and curious. Someone who will ask you the right questions that will help you reconnect to yourself, gain clarity, create new solutions, make decisions confidently ON YOUR OWN.

I offer Career & Business Coaching, as well as Group Coaching & workshops.

Every person is different and each coaching journey would be different too, build around your needs and situation. We might also need to touch upon other areas of your life if needed in order to help you reach your career or business goals.

Usually, during coaching sessions, we might work on some of the following:

  • Defining your strengths & weaknesses, understanding your personality and figuring out what you really want to do (instead of you SHOULD do).
  • Defining your values and beliefs, working through limiting and negative beliefs, defining which values are truly yours and gaining awareness about ones which don't serve you anymore
  • Building self-awareness, self-confidence, assertiveness, decision-making skills
  • Working out a vision, plan and goals, creating ideas and prototyping options by trying them out in the real world.
  • Building your customer-centric Value Proposition and Business Model

Career coaching:

For professionals facing a change in their career and looking to improve their work-life. Your goals might be:

  • Getting better at your current job
  • Considering leaving your job
  • Looking for a new job
  • Switching to a different career path
  • Starting a new challenge / job
  • Switching to freelancing / starting a side gig
  • Getting a better work-life balance

My favourite methodologies and tools are: Tranformational Coaching, Design Your Life methodology, Points of You cards, Clean Language Questioning, working with metaphors, Gestalt-based chair work exercises

Small Business & Startup Coaching:

For entrepreneurs (and wannapreneurs) who want to start or grow their business. Your goals might be:

  • Getting clear on your strategy and goals
  • Designing a compelling customer value proposition
  • Launching your product or service on the market
  • Defining your business model
  • Making customers fall in love with you

My favourite tools and methodologies are: Design Thinking, Lean Startup, Value Proposition Design, Business Model Innovation and digital marketing.

Group Coaching:

For groups who want to work on a specific challenge, I offer tailor-made sessions as well as workshops around Design Thinking, Business Model Innovation, Value Proposition Design.

Training, qualifications & experience

I’m a qualified transformational and group coach. I have an ICF accredited Transformational Coaching Diploma, as well as an ICF accredited Certificate in Group Coaching, both from Animas Centre of Coaching in London.

Before qualifying as a coach, I got my professional experience working with human-centric design, business model innovation, and digital marketing for 7 years: I worked in a business innovation consulting company and I co-created a successful tech-startup in London.

I have a Master’s Degree in International Business Management, specializing in Strategic Management with Kozminsky University, as well as a Bachelor in English Philology with Spanish (apart from personal development, I love traveling and learning languages!).


The first consultation call or meeting including a mini coaching taster session is free of charge.

I offer 3 months of coaching support, including 6 sessions (each one lasting one hour) over video conference software (ZOOM) for £200.

During those 3 months, I'm available to my coachees, they can contact me during the working days and I'll also reach out to them whenever some additional support is needed between coaching sessions.

If you need more support in your business, I'm also available for consulting work (to be arranged separately).

I'm also available for face-to-face coaching sessions in London (this would have to be arranged with each client).

I speak English (fluently) and Polish (my mother tongue).

I do understand Italian very well and I'm able to speak a little (un poco!) so if you're an English speaking Italian, but a bit unsure of your English, I think we might make it work :)

I also know some basics of Spanish and German :)

Further information

Selected Coaching Testimonials:

"Aga is a very mindful coach, she is gentle yet always asks the right questions to find out what lies beneath the surface of an issue. I felt very safe to open up to her. During my business coaching sessions with Agnieszka, she helped me clarify my goals, my resources and the tools I can use to grow my workshop business. What I loved most was how mindful she was about my needs as the founder of a human-centric business, while creating a sound, reliable and profitable business model. My clients’ needs were deeply analysed which helped me address all the questions my clients might have while choosing my services. Within a few months of the coaching sessions I organised my first corporate workshop!”

Uran A., Musical Artist / Vocal Coach

"My goal was to kickstart my creative ambitions, writing in particular. I started writing, and now feel more confident/equipped to deal with blocks and negative behaviour patterns. I would recommend coaching with Agnieszka to others because she offered active listening. I felt heard and understood, and she created a safe and easy atmosphere to communicate."

Karolis A., Filmmaker

“My initial goal was to finish my script & get it out to competitions & agents. I did everything except the agents part - so great progress. I really looked forward to my sessions with Aga and would come away feeling clear about my goals, energised and motivated. She was always able to get to the heart of whatever it was which was distracting me and I felt at my most productive when I was being coached by her.”

Shirley L., Film Set Decorator & Screenwriter

“My experience has helped me so much in preparing for my new venture. I was given the space to examine where I am with my current project and then I made lots of progress to get further down my path. I felt that you listened and challenged me where appropriate. I loved the creative ideas trying to uncover my inner thoughts through the super hero model. Awesome. Thank you for a great time, I genuinely looked forward to our sessions.”

Charlie D., Rugby Coach

Selected Business Consulting Testimonials:

"I had privilege to work with Agnieszka in number of consulting project and I can fully recommend her as a superb manager and CX expert. She demonstrated excellent leadership skills especially in team leadership, project management and workflow management. Her empathy, combined with deep knowledge of design thinking method make her the best choice for companies that want to build customer-centric organisations. Her knowledge of Lean Startup Method combined with field start-up experience, could make her great addition to any start-up or scale-up management team. It is really hard to find someone with greater emphasis on work ethic and work quality. And what’s probably most important, Agnieszka loves working for people and with people. That’s what made her one of Innovatika’s Living Legends."

Krzysztof Renski
Digital Venture Building | Product Management | Growth Strategy & Executive Leadership

"Agnieszka is one of the most entrepreneurial, trustworthy and hardworking leaders that I know. She turned amazingly fast from a young employee into a respected consultant, building expertise in design thinking, customer experience management, workshop facilitation, project management and key account management. Her attention to detail, ability to get things done and build client relationships make her a great asset to any organization. And her heart, positive attitude and personality make her a great team member"

Tomasz Rudolf
Founder at The Heart, Corporate Center for Digital Ventures

"I had a pleasure to work with Agnieszka at Innovatika, where we played similar roles as Consultants and Project Managers.

When I think about Agnieszka in professional terms, there are 2 dimensions that I would like to highlight:

1. She is one of the most responsible people I have ever worked with. When given a project/task, she won't sleep until everything is done right. Great organizer and executor. When in execution mode, she just identifies what is needed and get it done, with high quality outcome.

2. At the same time, you rarely meet so warm and people-oriented person. She just pour her heart in everything she does. She was one of the main pillars of unique Innovatika culture, that made you feel like family. Her deep empathy also makes her a natural pro when it comes to Customer Experience & Human Centered Design.

To summarize - Agnieszka combines two great professional traits: great execution and deep empathy, which is rare to meet these days. I definitely would like to work with her in the future and I recommend the same to you."

Bartosz Moszczenski
Head Of Tech Intelligence at The Heart Tech

"Agnieszka is a very professional, proactive and committed person that I can trust in business (everything and always on time and over expectations) She has very innovative approach to creating products and services, working methods, which are not used in the daily work of marketers. She is able to successfully lead of innovative projects and propose solution that drive business. I really appreciate working as her client."

Ma?gorzata Nowak, DipM
Head of Marketing B2C at Medicover Poland (Value Proposition, Customer & Service Experience)

London, SW12

Type of session

Online life coaching: Yes
Telephone life coaching: No
Face to face life coaching: Yes

Practical details

Sign language: No
Other languages: English, Polish, Italian (communicative)


Wheelchair access: Unspecified


Mon-Fri 9:30 - 6.30 pm.