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Every man I've ever met or worked with, was running from, running towards, struggling with, chasing or challenged by something. This is probably true for you too, and very likely why you're reading this right now. So let me ask you!

Is your life how you want it to be?

Do you have a clear vision of your ideal life and a plan to get there?

Are you making meaningful and satisfactory progress towards that ideal?

If not, do you know what's stopping you?

Working exclusively with men, I can help you to dramatically improve your life, by helping you find solutions to your personal problems and relationship issues related to your home, work and business life.

Even if you're pretending to everyone else you don't have any problems or desires, you can't fool me. Every man I speak with, is struggling with something and wants something.

Tell me:

  • What is challenging or troubling you right now?
  • What are the (maybe long forgotten) passions, goals or dreams that you've stopped pursuing in any meaningful way?

Would you work with me for 6 to 8 months, to save yourself another 10 to 20 years of trial and error?

Do you want to resolve your biggest current challenges and begin creating a more pleasing and desirable life?

Every day, I help men like you to accomplish this!

Email me on here, or contact me though my website to discuss your coaching needs & to book your initial consultation package, or read on to find out more.

The many ups and downs I've gone through in my own life, give me the ability to really understand you as a man, to listen deeply to you, and to understand how you see things and how you really feel without any judgement.

This in turn, gives you the space to open up about things you've never expressed before, and to say out loud to another human what you truly want, not what other people want you to want, nor what you think will please someone, but what you actually and truly want. Then, if required, we'll design and work towards a creative solution.

Through understanding how you see the world, I can help you to get the things you want, whilst getting rid of what you no longer want.

I'm afraid that if you've never worked with a really good men's coach then you probably have a long list of missed opportunities and undesirable experiences that high quality coaching would have helped you to attain or avoid.

Do any of these describe your situation?

  • You are struggling with one or more of your relationships (Work or personal).
  • You have a personal (or public) challenge that you don't talk openly to anyone about.
  • No matter what you achieve it's never enough, and the way you hope to feel is always just out of reach.

Do you

  • love what you do and life is good, but something bothers you in the quiet moments?
  • feel guilty because you have everything society says you need in order to feel happy and content, yet you aren't?
  • find it hard to switch off or relax?

Are you

  • surrounded with people who tell you only what you want to hear, not what you need to hear? (You may not even know this is happening)
  • motivated at work, but not in your personal life (Or vice-versa) (or neither)?


  • You have some goals you want to achieve, but you're not making much progress towards them.
  • You are seen by others as successful, but, you don't feel it.
  • You know that your life could be a lot better, but you don't know what's in your way, nor how to fix it.

If any of the above statements or something similar rang true for you, then coaching will almost certainly help you dramatically improve your life.

Click this link www.aaronellen.com to book your initial consultation package.

Wishing you your ideal life.Aaron :-)

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Other areas of coaching I deal with

Men's personal development coaching.

Mental Health Coaching for Men

Therapy alternative coaching sessions.

Men's relationship coaching.(Family, work or intimate)

Male specific life coaching in Southampton, Bournemouth, Surrey, Hampshire UK and online across the UK and in wider Europe.


From £147.62 to £7,478.88

Additional information

When you sign up for a coaching package, you aren't paying me for hours of my time, you are buying yourself a better future.

A lot of coaches offer “Free taster sessions”. I don’t, as these are usually just disguised sales pitches, where you'll talk "about" coaching, but you won't actually do any coaching.

I want you to have some meaningful breakthroughs right from the start, so what I offer is an initial consultation package (which you pay £147.62p for) that consists of 4 proper coaching sessions over several weeks.

These sessions allow you to fully experience coaching, enabling you to make an informed decision on whether a 6 month package is right for you or not.

I am a full time professional coach who believes in the principle of fair exchange and like other professionals in my field and others (Accountants, Therapists, Top stylists, etc) I charge strong fees for high quality work.. 

Initial consultation £147.62p.

This is a one-off fee for 4 initial coaching sessions that are designed for you to experience actual coaching. (Sessions 1-3 will be 100% pure coaching and session 4 will be a coaching session with part of it reserved for us to discuss how (and if) you will continue your coaching).

These initial appointments are real coaching sessions as if you are already a full paying client on a 6 month coaching package. We won’t be talking about coaching, we will actually be coaching, right from the start. This is the only way for you to find out what coaching is like and how beneficial it will be for you, or not.

These sessions also help us to find out how well matched we are as client & coach, how open you are to coaching and whether I feel I can help you or not. 

Once these initial sessions are completed, we’ll talk through your options for continuing our work together.

***if I decide for any reason that I cannot work with you, then a full refund will be issued.

After your initial consultation we will discuss coaching packages and options. The minimum coaching period I offer is 6 months (Ideally 1 year) after which you will go on to a rolling monthly billing system until you've got everything you want from your coaching. You can cancel anytime with 30 days notice. From experience, any less than 6 months would be a waste of your time.


Online sessions (via Zoom) and phone sessions are continuing as normal.

Face to face appointments are suspended due to covid-19.

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Older adults
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Aaron Ellen

Aaron Ellen