Virtual coffee Fridays: Authenticity, participation & belonging

Ongoing, 11.00am - 11.30am
Open to all
  • Do you feel like you don't always belong, especially at work?
  • Often feel unseen, not listened to or misunderstood?
  • Unsure how to navigate career progression or transition?
  • Struggle with confidence, communication, imposter syndrome or perhaps lacking a sense of agency in work/life?

Join me every Friday at 11am GMT for an informal virtual group chat. A place to connect and discuss themes around:

  • Belonging. Our basic human need to feel like we are accepted and supported as a group member.
  • Participation. Not merely taking part in something but being involved in decisions that affect our lives (both personally and professionally).
  • Authenticity. Simply, being your true self. Knowing who you are, what's important to you and living according to your values in a consistent way

Unfortunately, there are many instances where we don't feel like we have these needs met. My intention is to create a space, where you leave more energised, be seen/heard/understood with greater resourcefulness to take back to your work and personal lives.

Book your free place here.

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Hosted by Sobia Iqbal

Helping Individuals & Organisations Shift Culture Through Greater Participation & Belonging | Career & Wellbeing Coach | Team & Group Coach | Intercultural Competency | Trainer | Consultant. Over fifteen years experience in culture change, coaching, training, project management & business development working at all levels from board to front-line.

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