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Using time effectively is important in all areas of life, but it’s crucial at work. When we use time effectively, we don’t just get more done - we feel more in control, have more motivation, and actually improve the quality of what we produce.

As well as increasing productivity, using time effectively helps people reduce the need to work after hours and achieve a much healthier work/life balance.

Who is this program for?

The course is crucial for anyone who feels they need to prioritise, respond to changing priorities, react assertively when others place demands on their time, work to deadlines on a regular basis, have a constant schedule that keeps them under pressure, or for those who want to improve their work/life balance. All of this can be achieved via this online program with the added and huge advantage of not having to lose a day from work to attend a workshop, nor spend a fortune out of your budget. This course can be done at your leisure and at a time that works best for you, can be repeated as often as you feel helpful, and is only £49.99.

Course topics

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by how much you have to do, or felt you were working hard but not really achieving very much? This program lets you regain control of your workload by managing yourself and others more intelligently. You will learn how and when to say no, how to prioritise effectively and, most importantly, how to look after yourself, your energy, your work/life balance and therefore be able to work at your peak and sustain it over time.

You will complete this program with a clear plan and have the tools to make immediate, lasting improvements back at work.

What will I get out of it?

  • Techniques to uncover those lost hours and minutes.
  • An understanding of your own productivity schedules and patterns.
  • An understanding of how to delegate to others so you can finish the jobs that really matter.
  • The golden rules for saying 'no'.
  • Assertive techniques to manage interruptions and handle disruptions.
  • The ability to analyse and combat the factors that sabotage good intentions and overcome procrastination.
  • An action plan to encourage self-discipline and sustained improvements.
  • The motivation to make it happen.

Delivery style

An online, comprehensive, fast-paced and punchy time management program packed full of tips and techniques, case studies, and stories of real client examples, to elevate learning and make the content come alive.


The presentation itself is two-hours 20 minutes long, but the program includes a variety of participant exercises and activities and the suggestion of pausing the program in order to carry out these tasks. The program is therefore estimated to take approximately three-four hours, although it can be completed in stages.

Suitable for...

Private individual participation or within an organisation as part of your personal development plan and ongoing training. 

Course delivery

Once your order is placed via the website (www.milestone-coaching.co.uk and select 'online courses'), you will soon receive an email confirmation with the unique link to download your online course video.

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Hosted by Dawn Fiske

Qualified and highly specialised life coach, trainer, and public speaker. Specialising in confidence, stress management, and career coaching.

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