Start the new year with clarity and purpose

9th January 2024, 7.30pm - 8.45pm
Open to all

Don't let another year start without first clearing your energy and getting clarity on what it is that you truly want to cultivate and nurture.

Whether that's your relationships, career, hobbies or personal development, this workshop is ideal for those who are ready to set the stage for a genuinely transformative year.

This workshop is suitable for those who:

  • Find themselves feeling like another year has ended without realising
  • Feel like time is moving too quickly
  • Are overwhelmed with all that they 'have' to do (and the level of perfection that comes with it)
  • Feel that things are out of their control
  • Are tired of setting resolutions that just won't stick
  • Want to better understand themselves within the context of their life
  • Want to learn how they can set meaningful goals that actually inspire them
  • Are looking for a level of accountability to hold their actions to
  • Have an open mind and heart, willing to explore different approaches

The new year naturally comes with a new sense of energy that we can harness in an empowering way. Instead of bumbling your way through January and the rest of 2024, following everyone else's rulebook of 'shoulds', this workshop gives you the opportunity to take an honest look at your life so that you can start showing up each day authentically aligned to your personal values and goals.

Authenticity, alignment and action are the surest paths to the contentment and happiness you seek.

What you will take away: 

  • A practice to clear away any lingering energy and blocks from 2023
  • An insight into how the way you have been showing up contributes to the way you are feeling
  • A connection with and understanding of your personal values
  • Awareness of your individual key life elements that determine your happiness
  • Clarity on your negative thoughts and limiting beliefs
  • An understanding of the barriers and obstacles that get in the way
  • Highly personalised goals for 2024 and each quarter
  • An exciting and practicable action plan to follow
  • Feeling seen by this community
  • A deeper connection with yourself and who you are
  • A positive energy to carry through the year

Why join us?

Experience the power of an interactive and practical workshop tailored just for you! While participation is encouraged, there's absolutely no pressure to share if you prefer not to. Designed with Highly Sensitive People in mind, our small and intimate groups ensure a safe and welcoming environment.

Dive into transformative practices such as EFT, meditation, journaling, and psychologist-designed exercises to craft meaningful, purposeful, and inspiring goals.

Don't miss out on one of my favourite and empowering workshops — it's an opportunity for personal growth like no other!

How to book

Secure your spot now for an exclusive, intimate experience tailored for sensitive souls like you! With limited tickets available and a history of rapid sell-outs, don't miss out—claim your ticket today before this opportunity slips away.

For more information about this event and to book your place, visit Eventbrite.

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Hosted by Alexandra Taylor

Alexandra empowers Highly Sensitive Women, who feel stuck, who doubt themselves, who overthink, who feel undeserving of love, to find freedom from their thoughts and limitations so that they can start living authentically and confidently.

Hosted by Alexandra Taylor