Soulful reflections: An end-of-year gathering

12th December 2023, 7.00pm - 8.30pm
Open to all

Welcome to Soulful Reflections, a heartwarming end-of-year event designed to provide you with a haven of warmth and self-discovery as we bid farewell to the past and welcome the possibilities of the future.

It's all too easy to transition from one year to the next without pausing and assessing what we have achieved and the lessons we have learned. Looking back over the year is essential for self-development and growth as well as planning for the next chapter. This workshop is the perfect opportunity for you to reflect upon your wins, your mistakes and your goals going forward.

Who this is for

Those who:

  • feel like yet another year has come and gone
  • have an overly negative or critical mind
  • feel like their year has been a bit of a mess
  • are looking for more clarity
  • is seeking a meaningful and introspective way to wrap up the year
  • is looking for personal and professional growth in their life

What you will take away

  • personal insights that illuminate your unique journey
  • a celebration of self and accomplishments
  • bolstered confidence, a testament to your strength and resilience
  • awareness of areas for growth
  • a memory album of their most important moments
  • sense of connection and belonging
  • a rejuvenated energy to carry you through the remainder of the year
  • excitement and intentionality paving the way for 2024

What to expect 

Soulful Reflections is more than a workshop; it's a heart-to-heart conversation with yourself and a chance to share that connection with others. Come join us for an evening of personal discovery, warmth, and the promise of a bright new chapter.

Whether you're seeking a moment of reflection, a connection with like-minded women, or a chance to embrace your journey, we invite you to join us for an evening crafted with you in mind.

There will be space for meditation, reflection, journaling and exploration. Expect a blend of theoretical science (that's easy to digest!) and powerful transformative practices accessing body, mind, heart and soul.

How to book

Tickets will be limited so that we can create a cosy, intimate feel. From past experiences of workshops like these, spaces disappear quickly, so grab your ticket before it goes via Eventbrite.

Much love,

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Hosted by Alexandra Taylor

Alexandra empowers Highly Sensitive Women, who feel stuck, who doubt themselves, who overthink, who feel undeserving of love, to find freedom from their thoughts and limitations so that they can start living authentically and confidently.

Hosted by Alexandra Taylor