Self-confidence kickstart programme

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Do you long to try new things, or meet new people but don’t have the courage? Do you want to feel more confident being you, and stop worrying about what other people think? Is your lack of self-confidence getting in the way of your success?

The 30-day self-confidence kickstart programme may be exactly what you need!

If fear outweighs courage too frequently, or you want to achieve more but your lack of self-confidence in getting in the way, this self-guided programme is just for you.

The 30-day self-confidence kickstart programme enables you to embed changes that will significantly increase your courage and resilience, at your own pace. I’ll be there with personal support and guidance where you need it, to ensure you get the most benefit from your 30 days.

By the end of the 30 days, you will have the courage to do more of the things you want to do, the resilience to overcome new challenges and the tools and techniques to continue your own personal journey towards being, doing and having more of what you want in your life.

Why not skyrocket your courage and resilience with the self-confidence kickstart programme!

What’s included?

  • 30-day programme and guide.
  • 10 online workbooks designed to explore your thinking and introduce helpful tools and techniques to improve your courage and resilience.
  • Lifetime access to the resources to revisit whenever you need to.
  • Weekly support.
  • One free 60-minute online coaching session.
  • Flexibility to complete the programme at your own pace

Why it might be right for you:

  • Fear outweighs courage too frequently.
  • You want to achieve more but your lack of self-confidence is getting in the way.
  • You want to try new things, or meet new people but don’t have the courage.
  • You want to stop feeling awkward around other people.
  • You want to calm your inner critic.
  • You want to worry less.
  • You want to stop feeling inferior compared to others.
  • You want to feel confident about being you.

So why not invest in yourself this month and grow your courage and resilience so that you can be, do and have more of what you want in your life!

Want to find out more? Contact me to see how the self-confidence kickstart programme could work for you.

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Hosted by Jo Uff

Hello! My name is Jo and I am an INLPTA certified NLP Master Practitioner and Personal Wellbeing Coach. I have been coaching others to achieve successful, lasting change since 2007. I help people to feel positive, confident and full of energy, so that they can be, do and have more of what they want in their personal and/or professional life.

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