Rise to Your Potential: 12-week program to build your confidence

4th March - 29th May 2024, 1.00pm - 2.00pm
Open to all
1282 +VAT

Rise to Your Potential online coaching program

Who is it for?

If you feel self-doubt and imposter syndrome are holding you back this program is for you. You may already be in a leadership role but know you’re capable of much more.

So, imagine what you could achieve if you could unlock just 10% more confidence….

Together, we’ll work to uncover what’s fuelling your self-doubt.

You’ll develop tools to boost your self-belief, build your confidence and trust in your own leadership style.

When you complete this program, you’ll have stepped into your expertise, ready to achieve the goals you’ve been afraid to voice out loud.

Self-doubt expresses itself in many ways, but commonly:

  • You people-please. At work, this is often at the expense of your team or your own time.
  • You doubt your expertise.
  • You feel no one is interested in what you have to say.
  • You hide your voice. But when you don’t speak up in meetings, the pressure just intensifies.
  • You feel uncomfortable voicing your opinions. Especially with anyone more senior.
  • You worry endlessly about what others think. You dwell on what you said in meetings.
  • You feel a constant pressure to prove yourself.
  • Imposter syndrome. You feel you’re “going to be found out” or that you’re “missing something”.

“I thought my self-doubt only impacted me. In reality, my self-doubt impacts my team and my ability to lead. It is my responsibility to control my self-doubt.” — Rise to Your Potential participant.

But you do belong in your seat at the table. Your voice and expertise need to be heard. With the Rise To Your Potential coaching program, you’ll:

  • Learn to have confidence in your abilities and how to manage self-doubt at work.
  • Recognise when your self-doubt is most active AND have the tools to tame it.
  • Free up headspace to develop deep self-belief.
  • Be ready to go after your goals. Become aligned with your true self in your career.
  • Learn to trust your voice, knowledge, and abilities.
  • Be the confident leader you know is inside.
  • Build your management tools and leadership skillset.
  • Find more joy and contentment in your personal life.

Rise to Your Potential is a six-module confidence and leadership coaching program. 

The next Rise to Your Potential group program commences on 4th March 2024 and only 6 places are available in the group. £1,282 +VAT (Total is £1538.40 VAT inclusive).

Registration for the Rise to Your Potential group program closes Friday 1st March at 5:00 pm GMT. 

If you would like to do Rise to Your Potential as an individual, email holly.sedlacek@knowyourpace.co.uk to register. The cost as an individual is £1,400 +VAT

Learn more here.

Together, we’ll work through three key stages:

Stage 1: Awareness

Who could you become if you had 10% more confidence? What could you achieve if you could learn how to manage self-doubt at work? Get crystal clear on why you’ve joined the program. You’ll understand when your self-doubt and imposter syndrome are most active. This is crucial in learning how to manage it.

Stage 2: Starting the rewrite

Now we can begin to address self-doubt and imposter syndrome. You’ll identify your current assumptions and ‘rules’ around self-doubt. It’s time to unlearn outdated beliefs.

Stage 3: Boosting confidence and building new beliefs

We’ll work together to create new habits and routines as you build belief in your abilities. Uncover your self-sabotaging behaviors. Discover how to get out of your own way. Learn tools to challenge self-doubt when it reappears. Understand how to maintain your new mindset once you’re back in day-to-day life.

What you get when you join Rise to Your Potential:

  • A 12-week, online group coaching program covering six modules. (Individual spots available. Email holly.sedlacek@knowyourpace.co.uk for more information.)
  • A follow-up package to help you maintain your new mindset in your day-to-day life, including:
  • Three hours of one-to-one coaching with me.
  • A personalised guided meditation created for you by an expert.
  • Workshop: Using rest to boost productivity and avoid burnout.

You can use the learning portal whenever you need it. And you’ll have lifetime access to all program content.

Here’s a summary of the modules in the 12-week program:

Module 1. What could you achieve with 10% more confidence?

Who could you become if you could learn how to manage your self-doubt at work? You’ll get crystal clear about why you’re here and what you want to achieve in the program.

Module 2. Understanding when your self-doubt hits

First, you’ll understand when your self-doubt is most active. Then you can learn how to manage it. This step is pivotal.

Module 3. Saying goodbye to unhelpful beliefs

You’ll identify your current assumptions and ‘rules’ around self-doubt. It’s time to unlearn outdated beliefs. A life-changing step.

Module 4. Creating habits, routines and rituals

You’ll use these to generate change. And through this change, you’ll build new beliefs to challenge self-doubt and imposter syndrome.

Module 5. Tackling self-sabotaging behaviours

First, identify and get to know your self-sabotaging habits. Then learn how to get out of your own way.

Module 6. Bringing it home: The reality of growth

Understand how to maintain your new mindset and way of life. Learn how to cut yourself some slack.

“I appreciate how the modules build on one another with strategy and accessibility, with doable action steps that don’t leave you overwhelmed or unable to do your other work.  I am grateful I have Coach Holly in my RSD (Recovering Self-Doubt) corner, connecting me with the tools and holding the space for leadership on the other side of doubt.”
— Rise to Your Potential participant

The details:

1. For the group coaching program, each module is released on a Monday. You’ll then have ten days to work through the content and apply the exercises to your own work and personal life.

2. Then we come together for our Wednesday group coaching sessions.

3. The next Rise to Your Potential group cohort commences Monday 4th March 2024.

4. Homework is uploaded fortnightly on the 4th and 18th of March, 1st, 15th and 29th of April, and 13th of May.

5. All group coaching sessions are Wednesdays from 1:00 pm-2:00 pm GMT/BST. Group coaching dates are the 13th and 27th of March, 10th and 24th of April, and 8th and 22nd of May.

6. The Rise to Your Potential group program is £1,282 +VAT. The individual program is £1400 +VAT

7. Choose to make one payment or three equal monthly payments. (Please email holly.sedlacek@knowyourpace.co.uk to set up monthly payments.)
100% money-back guarantee if you email by 11:59 pm GMT on Sunday 3rd March 2024.

Join Rise To Your Potential and learn how to manage self-doubt at work and your personal life...

What people are saying:

“This program was the wake-up call I needed.” — Rise to Your Potential participant

“Holly is great, she listens and asks thought-provoking questions in a way that helps me understand what’s provoking certain feelings and self-doubts.” — Rise to Your Potential participant

“I am currently halfway through my Rise to Your Potential program and thoroughly enjoying it. That imposter inside of me is being tamed and this program is helping me to gain more confidence.”— Rise to Your Potential participant.

“In my whole career I’d never asked for a raise. I’d always taken what was given to me. That recently changed when I was confident about my worth and asked for more.” — Rise to Your Potential participant.

“I don’t wait around and worry anymore. I take action. This has provided me so much relief.” — Rise to Your Potential participant. 

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Hosted by Holly Sedlacek

Hi! I'm Holly and I help clients transition to new roles in their current organisation or find better-suited external roles. I often combine career, leadership, and life coaching to support client's needs. I specialise in helping people understand their self-doubt and imposter syndrome. From a Financial Services/Consulting background.

Hosted by Holly Sedlacek