Positive self-talk workshop (90 minutes, virtual)

3rd January 2024, 7.00pm - 8.30pm
Open to all
Free of charge

Do you catch yourself thinking or talking to yourself negatively? Then this short, free workshop may be a good start for you.

We'll explore why positive self-talk is so important and get into some NLP techniques that you can take away and use every day.

This will be an experiential 90-minute workshop. There'll be discussion, activities and possibly even breakout group discussions. It's not a 90-minute presentation of me talking at you (no death by PowerPoint here!). So if you come along, you'll be busy!!

To book a free place simply send your details to me through the contact form on my website www.thenlpmastercoach.co.uk and I'll send you an MS Teams invite for the session. Please double-check check you enter your email address correctly.

For the workshop itself, I'd suggest, if possible, being somewhere where you won't be disturbed and that has a strong internet signal where you can have both audio and video working well. Online workshops always work better when we can see each other.

Looking forward to working with you all!

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Hosted by Neil Bailey

Hi there! I'm not your average coach - I believe in bringing a sense of humour and light-heartedness to the table while still delivering results. With a passion for coaching and several decades of coaching and corporate training experience any workshops will be high energy and interactive.