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This is a six week parenting course by weekly email. It is based on the sort of issues parents bring to me. Many parents feel overwhelmed at times, feel they can't cope and want to try a different approach. Maybe you are going through a difficult time with one of your children and wonder what to do. Each week I will introduce a different topic and suggest daily exercises that you can do at home with your children. I have designed a six week programme covering:

  • What is being a good parent? Focusing on when things go well.
  • What are our beliefs and how are they getting in the way of what we want to do as a parent? Where can we find those resourceful beliefs? (Work, sport, socially etc.)
  • What if we could get our kids to do what we asked them? Having a play with positive psychology.  
  • Let's experiment with language patterns and words that work?
  • Introducing mindfulness.
  • Using feedback as learning.

Each Monday morning I will send you an email. It will have some things to think about and a focus for each day. At the end of the week let me know how's it's gone. If you have questions during the week just email me. At the end of the six weeks I will ask you for your overall feedback on the course and I will send you the lessons as a PDF that you can download and refer to.

The courses will run every half term, so the first one will begin as soon as term starts in September.

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Hosted by Judy Bartkowiak

I (Judy Bartkowiak) am an NLP Trainer/Coach. I've been working with children for years and helping them and their parents develop resources and make good choices rather than responding automatically. I'm the author of a number of NLP books and workbooks which you can buy after doing the course to help your children learn about NLP as well.


Hosted by Judy Bartkowiak

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