NLP practitioner module

07757 542 956 07757 542 956
11th - 14th November 2022, 9.00am - 5.00pm
Open to all
£2,700 for all four modules
Edinburgh Gestalt Institute, 64 Albion Road, Edinburgh, Midlothian, EH7 5QZ

This course provides you with all the essential skills and techniques to practice NLP with clients, colleagues, friends and family, and with yourself. It is suitable for those who want a powerful personal development journey for themselves, and also for those who would like to help and coach others.

The NLP Practitioner course equips you with useful skills and tools for a range of personal and professional situations:

  • personal development – discovering more about who you are, how you may be
  • perceived by others, and what makes you tick
  • improving communication with patients, clients, or colleagues
  • building leadership style flexibility
  • understanding and improving personal relationships (friends, family, significant other)
  • coaching others
  • problem-solving
  • working towards an important outcome or goal
  • taking control of your life, emotions, and mental health

What will I learn from the course?

The NLP Practitioner course builds on the skills you learnt in the NLP Diploma (please ask to see the NLP Diploma course outline if you haven’t already done that course) and deepens your understanding of yourself and others. You will learn how to:

  • Get from a present emotional state to a desired emotional state.
  • Communicate effectively with someone based on their preferences.
  • Associate into and dissociate from memories and emotional states, and how this can be useful, for example, to cure phobias.
  • Use language really specifically to understand a problem and its solutions (the Meta-Model language patterns).
  • Get ‘artfully vague’ to help someone who is stuck (the Milton Model language patterns).
  • Use metaphor in coaching and problem solving.
  • Create a ‘resource anchor’, and be able to collapse ‘unresourceful anchors’ that may have occurred naturally.
  • Recognise and elicit the strategies that you and others are using in life.
  • Model excellence in someone else (how to get what they’ve got, or do what they do).
  • Recognise and reprogramme how people store information to achieve a different outcome.
  • Reframe – how to help yourself and others look at things differently by ‘putting a different frame’ around it.
  • Work with parts of yourself that are in conflict (X part of me wants this, but Y part of me wants that).
  • Recognise how and why people self-sabotage their goals.
  • Explore how people ‘store’ time, and how this can be used in goal setting and learning from the past.

Module one, the first four days of the Practitioner course, are the same as the NLP Diploma qualification. The Diploma can be taken as part of this course, or as a standalone course. If you already hold an INLPTA NLP Diploma certificate, you will not need to attend the first four days of this course (although you are welcome to attend to revisit the content).

Module one must be taken first, but all other modules can be taken in any order.

To book your place, please visit or email me at

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Hosted by Cat Trebilco

Cat Trebilco is a qualified INLTPA NLP Trainer, and regularly coaches individuals in NLP. Having previously worked as a trainer and facilitator at a large corporate organisation, Cat started her own business in 2014.

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