NLP Certified Diploma

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14th - 16th October 2022, 9.00am - 4.00pm
Open to all
Waterloo Music Bar - Training venue upstairs, Waterloo Road, Blackpool, Lancashire, FY4 2AF

Join me for the certified Neuro Linguistic Programming Diploma.

  • The foundation concepts of NLP.
  • Learn how to communicate effectively and create harmonious relationships.
  • Understand what makes you tick and gain a deeper understanding in to what makes others tick.
  • Understand how to use your brain for change to get what you want, and harness the power of your unconscious mind to get results in all areas of your life. Learn how to implement strategies of success.
  • Create self awareness of your thinking and feeling and recognise how they influence your choices and behavioural responses. Know how to change what isn't working to get more of what you want in life.

NLP is about personal effectiveness in all areas of your life.

We all want to be happy, live a stress free life, follow our dreams and achieve our goals.

NLP teaches you how to have all of this. It is about transformational change.
The first 3 days are a journey of self development and inner discovery.

It is for anyone who is interested in following their true path in life and who wants to light their life up in beautiful ways. If you want to create new possibilities, have more choice and live life more fully, then this is for you.

On completion of the Diploma you will be eligible to continue onto the NLP Practitioner starting in September if you you are wanting to coach others using the tools and techniques of NLP.

You can attend face to face in Blackpool or online via Zoom. 

Investment £395 for three days training.

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Hosted by Sarah Fletcher

This course is delivered by Sarah Fletcher an INLPTA accredited NLP trainer with 20 years experience in coaching and training. Sarah is passionate about teaching NLP to leaders, coaches, counsellors, educators and anyone who has people at the heart of what they do. Leading anyone successfully starts with leading yourself.


Hosted by Sarah Fletcher

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