National grief awareness week cacao ceremony

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8th December 2023, 7.00pm - 8.30pm
Open to all

What is cacao?

Cacao is the raw form of chocolate. It contains the whole essence of the cacao plant, with its essential oils, fibres and healing compounds. Cacao has been used for centuries by the people of South America in their religious ceremonies.

The Spanish brought back cacao to Europe during their colonisation of South America.

The ceremony

The event takes the form of a guided meditation to help connect with your grief and to share it with mother cacao. Mother Cacao is the spirit of the cacao plant.

After the mediation is complete, there will be space for people to share their experiences with the rest of the group.


Before the event, a worksheet will be provided with details of the ceremony and a recommendation to where you can purchase cacao paste and recipes to create a drink of cacao.

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Hosted by Phill Rowan Armstrong