Mind over matter

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£100 for 10 sessions
3 Dumpton Park Drive, Ramsgate, Kent, CT11 8AD

Mind over matter is a ten week, one and a half hour session group for six participants beginning – Tuesday 14th November, 2pm.

The intention of the group is to help individuals to become happier, healthier and more effective in their lives.

Every thought you have, every word you say to yourself alters how you feel, the actions you take, the amount of time everything takes, your relationships, your sleep, your health and much more.

Most people are barely aware of the thoughts that they have in each moment of their lives.

By joining this group, you will become aware of how you think, and the actions that you take. As you become aware, you will learn to choose and can then develop new more resourceful patterns of thinking and taking action

The cost per session is £10, paid in two monthly payments of £50.00, or one single payment of £95.00.

Participants must commit to coming to every session and to undertaking the actions you pledge at each session.

Nothing will change unless you do something different.

The course is led by coach and master practitioner of NLP, Clara Gibson.

I have lived in Ramsgate for three and a half years. I have been in independent practice for the past eight years, working with individuals aged 18-78 - school students to pensioners, unemployed, those setting up or established in their own businesses, teachers, nurses, hospital consultants, high flying city lawyers and finance consultants – are just a few examples of clients I have successfully worked with.

Previously, I worked for decades with individuals, helping them to understand and make lasting change in their lives via my work as a health visitor. I left the NHS and set up my private practice as the NHS was not delivering readily available services that were offering the support that individuals need.

In my work with clients, I work with issues of low mood, depression, anxiety, procrastination, no direction, stress, frustration and anger, poor relationships, work difficulties, poor self-belief, lack of confidence, poor time and work management, lack of motivation. It is always hard to disentangle the chicken from the egg and so many of the clients may be suffering with physical problems which may have caused or be secondary to the state of mind – such weight issues, and a vast array of different chronic diseases and ill health.

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Hosted by Clara Gibson

The course is led by coach and master practitioner of NLP, Clara Gibson. My work includes running one day events, running groups, motivational public speaking and working one to one with clients and doing radio and video programmes. I am also running a 10 week group for people who are wanting to look at how they can improve their health.

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