Life Change Glasgow Southside

07740 461 926 07740 461 926
Open to all
Waverley Tea Rooms, 18 Moss-Side Road, Shawlands, Glasgow, G41 3TN

Life Change Glasgow Southside: Unleashing the secret dreams of the people of Glasgow Southside and Support Our Communities.

  • Are you craving more than the 9-5 treadmill existence?
  • Do you have a secret dream that you would like to unleash on the world?
  • Perhaps you want to feel healthier, maybe you want to improve our community or launch a product, a business or a charity?

If that resonates with you, I have set up a Life Change Glasgow Southside group and will be running monthly events that will give you access to an incredible team of people who will help you to fulfill your ambitions.

If interested, please click on the link below and share your secret dream. I'll then be in touch to confirm details of our first event on 15th July.

Let's work together to change your life, change our community and who knows maybe even change the world! :-)

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