Free small business coaching: Online 45 minute one-to-one session

07791 338 367 07791 338 367
27th June 2022, 8.00am - 9.00pm
Open to all

Free coaching for small business owners and entrepreneurs. Free online 45-minute one-to-one introductory coaching session.

Have you considered how a coach could help you as an owner and your business?

What changes would you like to make to benefit your small business? You might be looking to start something new, grow your business, get clarity on your objectives and goals, improve the performance of you and those around you or get a better work/life balance.

Working with an independent small business coach can enable you to:

Discover: Where you really want your business to get to and what you need to do next

Achieve: Greater self-awareness and self-reflection, leading to increased confidence and productivity.

Gain: Clarity in purpose and meaning and work towards sustainable personal growth for you and those around you

Time slots available from 8:30am - 6:00pm. Limited to 10 small business owners per day.

Contact Daniel Chidley for more information and to book your free introductory coaching session.

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Hosted by Daniel Chidley

Daniel Chidley is a member of the Association for Coaching and offers accessible, affordable and flexible one-to-one coaching sessions for small business owners and entrepreneurs £58 per session, you decide whether we meet weekly, fortnightly or monthly. Cancel any time. More information at


Hosted by Daniel Chidley

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