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Embolden your thinking

Understand your thoughts to boost your confidence, performance, productivity & happiness

A 10-week programme including mental fitness and coaching, to improve performance, productivity and happiness. 

Learn to flourish in your life.

In a group of up to 5 people, you will start to identify what blockers get in your way and practice techniques to help you move towards a known and intentional response.

Why Embolden?

'Embolden' means to increase confidence and this course will help you understand your thoughts to improve your productivity, performance, and happiness in life, work and business.

Manage your critical voices to help you consciously make those all-important decisions.

The programme includes:

  • 9 weeks of group coaching and support with your peers
  • An app with weekly videos designed to provide short, powerful training and support to you over 7 weeks
  • In week 10, a 1-1 coaching session with Juliet
  • An ebook
  • Ongoing use of the app for up to 12 months

Click here for more information. 

Book a call to discuss if this programme is suitable for you.

The next programme starts in June.

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Hosted by Juliet Morris

Welcome, I'm Juliet. With 20 years of talent and leadership experience, I helped build and develop thousands of leaders. In the constantly changing world, it is my mission to liberate the dreams of leaders and founders and help them shape their future. I encourage you to stop deferring your future and start shaping it.

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