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Do you or does anyone you know live in a single household? In the UK, that is 15% of the population.

Yet, according to all the media hype, everyone is in a big family and, on social media, people talk about how stressful the run-up to Christmas is because of all the present buying and all the party food to prepare.

  • Do you find Christmas stressful because there are few presents to buy and no party to cater for?
  • You get invited by caring friends and family, yet you feel like the outsider looking in?
  • You are asked are you all ready for Christmas and you try and brush over the fact that there is nothing to get ready for?
  • You take the initiative to invite people for a New Year's Eve party but no one comes, and then they say "We didn't go anywhere either", not realising that 'we' is very different to 'I'.

I could give you a list of suggestions of things to do over Christmas but you have heard them all before. What I can do is change how you feel so that Christmas and New Year become a time of peace and joy.

My proven system will remove the heaviness and despondency that settles over you, allowing you to regain your perspective and cherish what you have so that your heart feels full of love.

Book a one to one complimentary 30-minute breakthrough session at thepositivechangecoach.com.

Special Christmas offer price of two one-hour sessions for £179.

Change Christmas forever!

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Hosted by Janet Broughton

Janet Broughton is a recognised teacher, has been awarded Qualified Teacher Learning and Skills (QTLS) Professional status and appointed a Fellow of the Society for Education and Training (SET). Janet has been teaching in the further, higher and adult and community education sectors for over 30 years and over 15 years as a life coach and therapist.


Hosted by Janet Broughton

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