Confidence and resilience course

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Open to all
Hitcham Vale, Parliament Lane, Burnham, Slough, Berkshire, SL1 8NT

This is a led programme, it is not therapy. Your child or young person will be taught many NLP principles in an engaging and interactive way with exercises and questions, where they can use examples from their own life. They will learn:

Session 1
What is NLP?
Understanding how we process our world
What do we want?
What gets in our way?

Session 2
Overcoming limiting beliefs
Accessing the skills they have to overcome limiting beliefs
Accessing a resourceful belief instead
Managing feedback

Session 3
Confidence building through accessing skills
Anchoring a confident state

Session 4
Fight/flight/freeze response
The drama triangle
Summary and how to take it forward.
The cost is £200 for the four one-hour sessions. The course can be done face to face online or face to face in Burnham or Marlow. The cost includes a Skype meeting or phone call with parents before the start of the course and one at the end.

Suitable for children and young people of 8yrs+ as the content is led by their examples and adapted to suit their age.

Notes for the session are sent in advance so they can make notes directly on their workbook and so parents can see what we will be covering. 

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Hosted by Judy Bartkowiak

Judy Bartkowiak is a Master Practitioner, Trainer and well established children's and teens coach. She is also the author of a number of NLP books published by Hodder Education and the Engaging NLP series of workbooks published by MX Publishing.


Hosted by Judy Bartkowiak

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