Business coaching for counsellors

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26th February - 18th March 2024, 10.00am - 12.00pm
Open to all
£250 for 4 week, 8 hour course

Four week online workshop - two hours a week - for counsellors needing to develop their practice business. Bringing together counsellors to share and learn together, including my own 20 years experience of managing and building a counselling practice from scratch, the learning and insights I've picked up and can share with you as I now turn to the wholly coaching, always part of my services to date but more so this year.

Covering niche and branding, business systems and processes, marketing ideas and insights, mistakes you can avoid when you know how, flying your own flag and managing your self/projected image or imposter syndrome perhaps. Whatever comes up we can work on what people need to focus on , with structured workshop module format. 

A group setting allows sharing each others helpful ideas and outlooks to set your own goals for your business and continuously develop with marketing and services you offer but in different ways perhaps.

Marketing is now a large part of running any business - but how do you do it that suits you, your clientele and the online and market place?

What processes do I need, how to do them best to meet my needs too?

Who am I and how do I connect with my niche clientele?

Special price if you book in January for February @ £200 saving 20% 

Then ongoing quarterly workshop May, Aug, Nov. 

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Hosted by Julie Crowley

Julie Crowley is a professional Mindset Coach in Saddleworth. Group work is an alternative to 1:1 support, motivating and encouraging people to find their drive and purpose again. From stress management to career progression and personal development insights, tips and tools to achieve your goals step by manageable step.