Building your own wellness toolbox

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£10 a session

A personalised self-care journey

Platform: Zoom
Total participants: 4

Building your wellness toolbox

Session details:

  • Introduction to the concept of self-care.
  • Roundtable discussion: Each participant shares a self-care activity they love.
  • Collaborative activity: Begin building individual wellness toolboxes, sharing ideas and feedback directly.
  • Homework: Add 3-5 more tools to their toolbox by next session.​

Recognising stressors and early signs of imbalance

Session details:

  • Introduction to recognising and categorising stressors.
  • Group discussion: Share and discuss personal stressors and signs of imbalance.
  • Collaborative workshop: Brainstorm coping strategies as a group.
  • Homework: Implement one strategy to cope with a recognised stressor this week.

Handling significant imbalances and crafting emergency plans

Session details: ​

  • Discussion on distinguishing between everyday stress and significant imbalances.
  • Interactive workshop: Craft personal emergency self-care plans. Discuss potential scenarios and get real-time feedback from peers.
  • Homework: Share your emergency plan with a trusted friend or family member.

Recovery, reflection, and looking ahead

​Session details:

  • Group reflection: Each person shares their experiences from the past weeks.
  • Discussion: Strategies for bouncing back and rejuvenation.
  • Collaborative activity: Setting long-term self-care goals with feedback from the group.

Bonus life coaching session (to be scheduled individually)

  • ​Personalised feedback on the participant’s self-care journey during the course.
  • Guidance on how to maintain and adapt their self-care practices in the future.
  • Q&A for specific personal challenges or goals.
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