Being and doing - 8-week online course

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Being and doing - get your year off to a flying start

An eight-week online course which covers a different topic each week, providing;

  • two weekly videos on the topic on Monday mornings
  • a weekly workbook with tools, techniques, and worksheets
  • input every Wednesday to support participants in applying the ideas
  • fantastic Fridays, where each week they learn a different technique for reviewing and learning from the week and planning how to have a great weekend
  • lifetime access to the material so you can work through it in your own time and revisit it when you need to in the future

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This eight-week online course will cover the following themes;

Week 1: Being and doing - staying in the 'zone of optimal performance'

Week 2: The hero’s journey - overcoming obstacles and enhancing your emotional intelligence

Week 3: Managing your mood, mind, and motivation

Week 4: Understanding yourself (part one) - your personality, who are you?

Week 5: Developing a 'growth mindset' - to assist you in continuing to change long after this course has finished

Week 6: Your sphere of influence - focusing on what you can change, and how you communicate with and influence others

Week 7: Understanding yourself (part two) - what drives your behaviour; how to be OK all of the time?

Week 8: Returning home and celebrating - reviewing your successes and what you have learned. Exploring what's next, and how you can keep developing yourself further using the tools and techniques on an ongoing basis

You can also listen to me introducing the being and doing course -

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Hosted by Melanie Greene

Melanie Greene is a chartered occupational psychologist, NLP master practitioner with over 30 years experience as a coach and trainer working within the private and public sector. She set up her own consultancy, Inspire Transformation, in 1991 and has subsequently published two books, inc 'Master Your Inner Critic'.

Hosted by Melanie Greene