Anotherway coaching supervision programme

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22nd April - 22nd September 2024, 6.00pm - 7.30pm
Professionals and trainees
£350.00 for 6 x 90 minute sessions

Welcome to Anotherway’s supervision programme!

I am Katy and I am excited about walking with you, as we work together in a group supervision setting.

When I work with my supervisor or in group supervision, I want to be surrounded by people, who will walk with me and provide me a safe and supportive space, where I can reflect, see the bigger picture, feel inspired, supported and resourceful, so that I can go away and get creative in the work I do. 

Supervision is a wonderful practice which helps wake us up and supports us in seeing the difference between doing and being, which leads us to explore unhelpful practice patterns that emerge, which raise challenges and questions relating to both our personal and professional identities, which can sometimes be poles apart. Doing the work leads us to new thinking, which results in us feeling more confident in how we show up in both our personal and professional lives.

Supervision is not a type of skills training, although during this programme you will acquire more professional competence through the exercises shared because of this supervision.

Putting it concisely and simply, supervision is a useful aid that gives you the time to learn from your own experiences and offers you a safe space to practice your profession independently and in a personalised way.

Anotherway’s six supervision sessions

In each session you will have the opportunity to learn more about supervision and to stop and think about what you are doing and how you are operating as a coach or leader.

We will all bring who we are to our sessions. This includes our beliefs, values, experiences, disappointments, successes, failures, and judgements. As good coaches we contract with our own clients to be non-judgemental, however, there are parts of us that will occasionally find this challenging and that is when supervision particularly comes in handy.

Below are some brief details as to what the six sessions will entail: 

1. Exploring contracting – Discussion-based session talking about the benefits of good contracting, sharing how we set up our own contracting in the group and hearing from others regarding their experiences of contracting. With a volunteer to share a scenario of when contracting has challenged them.

2. A reflective writing session – Using the art of metaphor, you will individually have time to think about where you want to take your business and there will be a space held for everyone to share safely what has come us for them and some reflection time to process each person’s findings.

3.  An introduction to The 7 Eye Supervision Model, including an opportunity for group practice. We will invite a group member to share a client experience, so we can use the model to explore it.

4. Understanding our life scripts and exploring deference.

5. Exploring our blind spots and façade using Johari Window. Followed by a basket and harvest supervision session (a creative session to work on your own scenarios).

6. Magic box session (another opportunity to explore the world and language of metaphors, symbols, and archetypes, it enables us to listen as we create a visual representation of our relationships).

Additional information

The programme will consist of six monthly sessions, each lasting 90 minutes.

The cost of the programme will be £350.00 and when signing up you will commit to attending all the sessions. The programme cost can be broken down into six monthly payments of £58.33 each, payable 48 hours before the session.

A group contract will be drawn up in our initial meeting so that you can all agree on how to work together in a supportive and challenging way.

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Hosted by Katy Mason

Katy is an experienced Corporate Executive Coach, Coaching Supervisor, Mentor, and Business Consultant, who has worked extensively across the UK and Internationally. Katy started her coaching journey 23 years ago, when she originally coached and trained within the corporate arena.