An introduction to conscious business community

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17th May 2022, 7.00pm - 8.00pm
Open to all

Learn how you can grow a successful business in a clear, holistic and practical way.

At Conscious Business Community, we help you align your business to who you are, and in doing so, you increase your creativity, momentum and inspiration.

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On this webinar you will:

  • understand why so many businesses struggle to succeed in their early years and how to avoid this
  • look at how the yin and yang energies work together in business
  • get a model of how to create a business that is holistic and in alignment with who you are

The traditional business model focuses more on the left or the logical side of the brain, often overwhelming you with information that seems to go over your head. If you are a person who favours the more holistic way of life, you often struggle with these types of training. You have to adapt to their way of doing things; feeling as if you don't belong, struggling to implement, or hesitating in moving forward. As a result, you lose your joy, passion and interest.

Take this opportunity to understand the high-frequency approach to business and why it is so important in these times.

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Hosted by Michele Yeomans

Michele Yeomans FCCA Conscious Business Community With 30 years of success growing and developing small businesses, Michele works with you to create a successful, authentic and conscious business. Her training programs are infused with personal and spiritual development, guiding you live and express your true self through your business.


Hosted by Michele Yeomans

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