90-minute confidence boost session

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This is brilliant if you have an important event on the horizon and feel stressed or anxious about it.

You know, the one which means you struggle to think about anything else, and whilst you know you want to be at your best, you don’t know how?

It might be a wedding, party, work occasion, interview, presentation… the list is endless.

The session will help you to feel calmer, more courageous, and able to take positive action towards preparing for the event.

During the session, we will 

  • explore what the event is and the specific cause of stress and anxiety
  • surface the fears or beliefs associated with the event
  • work to resolve/reduce those fears and beliefs
  • explore practical techniques to build courage and support you in the lead up to the event

It’s a 90-minute session and just £99, which is amazing value, and will have such a positive impact on how you feel before, during, and after this important event. Contact me at enquiries@jouff.co.uk for details about booking your session.

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Hosted by Jo Uff

I am a Confidence Coach for women who want to lead a more fulfilling life, but their lack of self-confidence is stopping them from being, doing, and having more of what they want. I help them to feel excited about the future, move forward, and achieve the changes they want to make

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