Top listing terms and conditions

Written by Sian Davies
Sian Davies
Life Coach Directory Content Team

1. You may only purchase a Top Listing in your actual postcode or town, or in your county or neighbouring county (the drop-down list will show all the search terms available to you).

2. Due to the high demand, Top Listings are available for one month at a time to allow other members the chance to be listed at the top.

3. You will only rank for the search term you select (e.g. if you purchase your postcode, you will not automatically rank top for your town; all search terms are separate).

4. You will only rank top for searches made directly on our website (e.g. your Top Listing will not apply to any searches made on Google).

5. All Top Listings are available on a 'first come, first served' basis.

Note: if you are renewing a Top Listing - i.e. you have held it for the last month, and want to buy it again for the month going forward - there will be a one-minute delay before you can repurchase it. This is to give other members the opportunity to purchase it if they wish.

6. The cost for a Top Listing is a one-off cost (your monthly or yearly subscription to be on the directory will continue as normal).

7. If the top spot for your chosen search term has already been taken, you may opt for second or third place. If all spots have already been taken, you may select the 'Notify When Available' button. You will then be sent an email three days before that spot expires. This email does not mean that you have successfully purchased that spot, it just lets you know that you can apply for it in three days.

8. On the day a Top Listing expires, it will become available again to purchase at 12 midday (or 12.01pm if you are repurchasing the same spot). We strongly recommend logging into the Members' Area at 11.55 am to prepare to purchase a Top Listing. There will be a countdown showing exactly when the Top Listing will become available, and the 'Notify When Available' button will automatically change to 'Buy Now' at 12 midday. We recommend manually refreshing your browser at exactly 12 midday if you have a slower connection, as some browsers take a few seconds to refresh.

Once you have clicked the 'Buy Now' button, the first person to successfully complete the process below will secure the Top Listing:

Step 1: Tick to confirm you have read these terms and conditions.

Step 2: Click 'complete payment'.

9. We do not offer any refunds for Top Listings.

10. By purchasing a Top Listing, you agree to these terms and conditions.

Top listing terms and conditions
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