Embrace your differences – dyslexia doesn’t have to hold you back

Getting a diagnosis of dyslexia can feel confronting. This learning difference affects everyone differently, but often impacts reading, writing, organisational skills and the way information is processed. We’re learning more and more about dyslexia and perceptions are slowly shifting to acknowledge the beauty of neurodiversity.

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There are still challenges that come with a diagnosis of dyslexia however, leaving some people feeling held back and low in self-esteem. 

For Sharon Hewitt, a diagnosis in the 70s meant no additional support, as dyslexia was less understood, instead it marred the way her teachers saw her potential.

“I remember very clearly my career’s teacher looking at my predicted CSE grades and told me I should aspire to be a shop assistant if I worked hard.”

Knowing that she wanted to do more, Sharon explains that seeing company names on businesses sparked her entrepreneurial spirit.

When I saw these names I said: ‘one day I will have my own business with my company name outside, to prove there is more to me than the expected path’.

Sharon Hewitt
Sharon Hewitt

Sharon started her own path by working as a receptionist at an estate agents before going on to become a top-performing estate agent and being headhunted by Nationwide. After the birth of her child, rather than returning to the corporate world, Sharon went on to launch a multi award-winning bespoke relocation company, Chiltern Relocation.

When asked how she sees her dyslexia now, Sharon says she’s grateful for it. 

“I often find I read people, situations, and opportunities better than people without dyslexia. I have always had to run through scenarios in my head to come up with a solution to a problem. This is what I did to survive school and this has helped me create a multi-award-winning business.

“I am now 56 and it took me years to admit to anyone I was dyslexic for fear of ridicule. Now I look back and think, why did I hide it all these years? It is who I am, and what I am and it has created this wonderful life I have now. So I’d say wear dyslexia with pride and embrace your differences!”

Being diagnosed with dyslexia does not have to hold you back. Understanding more about how it affects you can help, as can getting support. If you’re struggling with confidence, you’re not alone. A dyslexia coach can help you navigate the challenges dyslexia can bring, including adjusting your mindset to improve self-esteem and confidence. You deserve to walk your own path, not one set out by others. 

Use our search tool to find a dyslexia coach and carve your path with confidence. 

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Written by Katherine

Kat is a Senior Writer for Life Coach Directory and Happiful magazine.

Written by Katherine

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