How to feel more inspired working from home

With everything that has happened this year, it can be tricky to feel inspired on a daily basis, especially when you’re working from home. However, you know that when you are inspired, then you are able to inspire and support everyone else: family, friends, colleagues and clients.

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So, it is worth getting yourself into an inspired state, and here are 10 ideas to help you feel more inspired fast:

1. Praise yourself and celebrate

Celebrate every little thing that goes well, and everything you achieve each day. Recognise it, post about it and share your pride with a close friend or partner to embed it in your memory. You don’t have to wait until you’ve achieved the big goals. Even doing something like reading this article is worth celebrating.

2. Feed and water yourself intentionally

Some of us have used lockdown as a chance to cook and eat more nutritious food. Others have indulged in comfort eating. I’ve done both – sometimes on the same day! We know all about the effects of healthy eating and good hydration. This is just a reminder.

3. Exercise even when (especially when) you don’t feel like it

If you need to feel inspired quickly, get your circulation going, and more oxygen and blood going to your brain and other vital organs. It’s precisely when you don’t feel like it that you need to get yourself moving. Then praise yourself and celebrate (see point one).

4. Get some fresh air

At some point during your working day at home, find time to take a walk outside. You can multitask, for example listening to music or audiobooks while you are walking. You can even catch up with friends, your boss, team or clients while walking outside. Just make sure there’s minimal noise from cars, children, dogs etc. 

If you can’t get outside easily, or the weather doesn’t behave, at least open the window and breathe deeply.


5. Watch your language

How are you talking to yourself and others these days? Powerful, positive language can work very quickly to change your mood. Here’s how you can enhance the experience by getting more of your senses involved: 

  • Write or type up a message or affirmation (kinaesthetic). 
  • Print it out, put a drop of essential oil on it and breathe it in (olfactory). 
  • Then read the message out loud (visual and auditory). 

6. Have fun and smile! 

If your resting face is not naturally smiley, or you often forget to smile, put Post-It notes on your laptop and your mirror saying ‘Smile!’. A smile is proven to improve your mood and help you to feel inspired. Take some selfies where you are beaming. 

Some people have stopped taking selfies because they’re not going out as much (or at all) and they are missing the chance to smile and share their smiling face online. So smile, snap a selfie and share some positivity with your network.

7. Bring back the memories 

Next time you’re on your phone, go through your photos – as many as possible. Delete any that you don’t need and ones that don’t make you smile. Add more good ones to your favourites folder. Facebook can also help by bringing up your old posts. Share the good ones again and enjoy the good feelings.

8. Inspire someone else

Yes, we are meant to be talking about inspiring yourself. However, it can be counterintuitive sometimes. You don’t have to wait until you are inspired. Helping and giving advice to someone else can be a catalyst to your own well-being and self-esteem. It also helps you forget about your own problems or worries while you focus on the other person.

9. Read back positive feedback from your boss, colleagues or clients

Whenever you need a boost, these can remind you of how great you are and of everything you’ve achieved. 

10. Read and write – fiction and non-fiction

When you keep learning, you create more connections in your brain, which in turn keeps your brain active and curious. Keep reading to learn, but not just on your go-to topics. See how many different subjects you can explore and read more of what inspires you. You can also read fiction, which helps you to escape, relax and use your imagination. 

I hope these tips help you to feel more inspired. Please find me online and share your thoughts and ideas. I get a lot of inspiration from interacting with positive people – so you will make my day as well.

Mindy Gibbins-Klein is the founder of The Book Midwife®, which coaches people to write brilliant books, and of publishing company Panoma Press. Find out more at

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Written by Mindy Gibbins-Klein
Mindy Gibbins-Klein is an international speaker, trainer, coach and consultant.
Written by Mindy Gibbins-Klein
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