The Happiness Planner – a review

Journaling is something I’m very accustomed to. I have a cupboard full of diaries from age 13 right up to now, so when I read about a journal created with exercises and prompts to encourage happiness I had to give it a go. The Happiness Planner was created by Mo Seetubtim, who says:

Happiness Planner Review

“Our mission is to inspire people to live a purpose and passion driven life and to find happiness from within.”

As soon as I got hold of my planner I got started on the personal development exercises. The 52-week planner I got starts with a range of self-reflection exercises to help you pinpoint where you are now, where you want to be in the future and how you can invite more joy into your life.

This section got me questioning where I get my happiness from, where my stress originates and, perhaps most importantly, the elements I need to work on to make my imagined future a reality.

At the start of each week you are prompted to write down what you’re excited about for the week, ‘happy’ things you will do and a list of personal and professional goals you would like to achieve. Noting down what I’m looking forward to and the happy things I plan to do, whether it’s a tasty coffee in the garden or a special occasion, helps me feel positive and excited for the week ahead.HP-review

Goal setting every week for both my personal and professional life is incredibly helpful. It’s helped me stick to my exercise regime and work to-do list. As I write in the journal every day, I also benefit from having the lists right there to remind me what I have yet to achieve. And of course, who doesn’t like ticking something off a list?

Every day there is space for you to note down what you got up to in the day. I do this just before I go to bed and find it useful to just jot down notes about what happened and how it made me feel. Writing in this way helps you process the day and I’ve found it helps to quieten my mind before sleeping.

At the end of the week there are prompts to think about how stressed, tired, happy etc. you found the week, what was the most challenging, what the highlights were and what you would like to work on. This kind of self-reflection is key to becoming more aware of what makes you tick and that, ultimately is the key to bringing more happiness and joy into your life.

There are lots of journals like this on the market and of course, you can make your own. Having the exercises and prompts pre-printed in the journal is very handy, but simply writing down how your day was, what you’re grateful for and what you want to achieve moving forward is an easy first step you can take using a regular notebook.

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Written by Katherine
Kat is a Senior Writer for Life Coach Directory and Happiful magazine.

Written by Katherine

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