Business coaching – is it right for you?

Life Coach Directory member Clara Gibson shares her thoughts on how suitable business coaching is, depending on what stage your business is at.

Business coaching - is it right for you?

Are you a CEO who wants to improve your turnover? A company director who wants to improve your work/life balance? Are you the owner of a SME who wants to work with your team better? Or are you just starting out and wanting to know whether setting up your own business is really achievable?

If you are anywhere on the spectrum from creating a business concept to holding the position of CEO – business coaching will help you to gain a clear idea of what you want to achieve and will support you to work your way to achieve it.

Business coaching will help you to clarify the goals you want and help you to achieve them faster, it will help you to make speedier decisions, manage your time more effectively, improve your relationships with colleagues or your team, help you to make the changes you need to improve your profits and help you to re-engage with your vision and passion that brought you into your business. Business coaching will help you re-discover your direction and the purpose for your business and above all it will help you to develop yourself.

I am sure you’ve heard this before – ‘the most valuable asset in your business is you’. Far too frequently business owners chase better technology, better advertising, better design etc., yet the one thing they forget to invest in is themselves. When you take just 60-90 minutes to work with a business coach, each week or fortnightly, you will find that you will gain clarity, passion, energy and confidence in what you are doing, what you are about and where you and your business are going. This will benefit you far more than you can envisage.

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Written by Ross East

Written by Ross East

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