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Preparing your sensitive child for the harsh world

If you have a sensitive child, you will typically understand what they’re like when you’re not around. They’re the ones who help others on the playground, they notice when others are upset, they are kindhearted and considerate. They tend to go out of their way to make others happy. They want to get in your good books and behave well in class.

Preparing your sensitive child for the harsh world

This can mean, however, that when others are mean to them it can crush them. They can become confused as to why people are picking on them. They become unhappy because they think they did something to disappoint or annoy others. So how do you help prepare your child for these sad but prevalent situations?

Teach them perspective

Just like academic or athletic skills, emotional intelligence isn’t distributed evenly between every child. Sometimes children can lack the ability to show any empathy at all. This can come across callous, but sometime it can be perceived as something much worse.

Sensitive children want to know why others are meant to them. You could explain that there will always be mean kids trying to bring you down, but remember that kind-hearted people will always outweigh the cruelness – they will always be silently wishing them the best.

Avoid being the target

Bullies look for reactions and most children don’t start out with any type of emotional armour to repel negativity coming their way. This makes sensitive children the most vulnerable. Children will need to develop skills to deal with these situations – i.e. not showing how hurt they really are, preventing a big reaction.

Ask if it is really about them

Sensitive children typically think that everything is directed at them. So if a teacher tells the class off for being noisy, they take it to heart and blame themselves. Try to help your child reassess what’s happening. You could review the event with them, then in the future they should be able to deal with similar situations far better.

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Written by Ross East

Written by Ross East

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