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What motivators will help you achieve your goals?

Do you have a dream or goal that’s been with you for months, or even years? If so, what have you done recently that will help you to get closer to achieving it? Have you simply allowed it to be forgotten? Your dreams or goals are completely unique to you. It could be passing a test, starting a business, learning an instrument… no matter how small – if it’s important to you, it’s important. But if you don’t take any risks, it will stay there at the back of your mind, forever.

What motivators will help you achieve your goals?

You will forever think about what might have been

Have you made any decisions in life that you keep thinking ‘What if I chose the other option?” This nagging feeling is very common. The way to beat this feeling is to keep trying and working towards your goals. Just never give up. This doesn’t mean putting in all of your spare time – instead you could plan some small, manageable steps that can help you push forward.

You’ll enjoy making progress

For many of us, it’s not only achieving the final goal that motivates us. It’s the incremental stepping stones along the way. You should celebrate these small victories to keep your motivation levels high on the road towards the final goal. Many organisations use this to guide their employees through a big project.

You’ll prove the doubters wrong

There will always be one or two naysayers that try to bring you down (even if it’s not intentional). So don’t give them any satisfaction whatsoever. Prove them wrong. Don’t let their negativity inside your head. Whether it’s a colleague, friend or family member – victory will seem that much sweeter when you achieve your dream.

Failing can be beneficial

Many abandon their dreams and goals because they are afraid of feeling. They shouldn’t though, as failing can be extremely beneficial. It’s one of the best ways to learn important lessons – this is why most successful people have failed many times before they found success (take a look at our ‘famous failures’ blog). Setbacks can give you a much needed injection of motivation and encouragement to keep working hard towards your goals.

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Written by Ross East

Written by Ross East

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