Four quick energy-boosters

Here are four quick energy-boosters to kickstart your day:

Four quick energy-boosters

1. Breathe

Deep breathing is a positive game changer in terms of feeling good. Filling your lungs up with air, pausing and then exhaling can really boost your mood. This is especially effective when you’re outside, breathing in fresh air. Give it a try!

2. Appreciate sunshine (when it’s out)

When it’s dark and dreary outside, there’s nothing we miss more than a bit of sunlight. Even if it’s a freezing cold morning, seeing there’s a clear sky with the sun beaming down is a real pick-me-up.

So when the sun is out, appreciate it! Sit in the window and enjoy it, or if you can, go outside and take a walk (even if it’s only for a couple of minutes). Natural sunlight is good for our health and extremely refreshing.

3. Laugh

Laughter is truly the best medicine when you’re in need of a quick mood-booster. When you start laughing, you will instantly feel better, more positive and it can help you connect with others.

Spend time with family and friends, watch a comedy film and try to simply have a laugh. It’s great for your health, outlook on life and it can help reduce stress. It can also help you to not take life so seriously. Everyone struggles at one time or another, but don’t stop trying. Smile at someone you don’t know, say good morning to the postman – just be kind to people and you’ll feel enlightened.

4. Start your day off right

Starting your day off with a cold shower can really get you going in the morning. This will wake you up, enabling you to be alert to conquer the challenges that lay ahead. If you’re not brave enough to have an entirely cold shower, how about trying finishing your shower by switching it to cold? It will still give you the shock you need to wake up!

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Written by Ross East

Written by Ross East

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