How can walking benefit your relationships?

Taking a walk with someone is proof that you care

How can walking benefit your relationships?

Suggesting to go to the cinema with someone may just mean you want to see a film. Meeting for dinner could just mean you are hungry. But going for a walk with someone lets them know you actually want to talk to them.

Walking is easy

Unlike playing sport that requires a lot of equipment, walking only requires some comfy shoes. Unlike meeting for dinner, there’s no need to book, there aren’t any menus to look over and there are no waiters to track down. You can be spontaneous with walking – if both of you are free, all that’s stopping you is the weather!

Walking encourages children to talk

If you’re sitting indoors asking your children how their day was, the odds are you will get short monotone replies. But walking can evoke much more of a conversation – perhaps it’s because there isn’t as many distractions as there is at home. It’s hard for them to escape to the latest mobile game on the family tablet when they’re walking through the woods with no WiFi.

Walking can offer an introduction to exercising

Walking is after all is a form of exercise. If you and a close friend have decided to get fit, walking is one of the best points you can start with. Taking a brisk walk through the countryside with a friend can kickstart your fitness regime as well as giving you that much needed time to talk with your walking buddy. Taking part in this type of exercise with a friend can make you actually look forward to working out!

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Written by Ross East

Written by Ross East

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