The key to self-motivation

Motivation is needed to excel in your chosen field, improve yourself and overcome life’s challenges. So we explore a few tips to help you muster that all-important self-motivation.

The key to self-motivation

1. Realise that nobody is coming

Many people go through their lives waiting for something to miraculously happen that will right every wrong. Most people don’t do this consciously, or if they think about it they aren’t serious. Yet it can prevent us from repeating a good daily routine as we believe that it will most likely improve on its own.

The first step to creating motivation is to realise that the ball is in your court – it’s entirely your responsibility. You can gain support from your friends, family or a life coach, but it’s named ‘self-motivation’ for a reason.

2. Set achievable goals

People who find it difficult to self-motivate are typically put off by even the smallest of setbacks. The lack of motivation could stem from a lack of recognition or failure in the past, and are subconsciously afraid of failing again. To instil the feeling of accomplishment again, you will need to start setting small goals that can be met in an achievable amount of time. This will get you used to the feeling of success and the process to achieve it.

3. Reward yourself

You probably understand that a few years worth of hard work in your job will earn you a pay rise or increase in responsibility. But our brains aren’t typically wired to value long-term rewards. You should try to rewire your thoughts – associate hard work with short-term, pleasant rewards. To do this, slice your goals into smaller chunks and reward yourself whenever you hit a milestone. It may sound like more trouble than it’s worth, but it works – try it!

4. Commit to something

If you want to achieve something, let somebody know. We tend not to mention our plans, intentions or aspirations in fear of jinxing them. In reality, however, we’re afraid of looking weak, irresponsible or silly if we don’t achieve what we set out to do.

Try using this as a motivator. Tell as many people as you can about your goals. This will create a form of social pressure that can keep your motivation high. Your friends and family will most likely ask you about how you are getting on – so you will need to tell them something!

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Written by Ross East

Written by Ross East

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