How to coach millennials as a leader

Millennials, who are born between the 1980s and 2000s, have much to contribute in the workplace. We take a look at a number of tips to motivate this fraction of the workforce.

1. Provide focus and structure

Organising days and weeks in advance is a necessity for a successful leader’s routine. However, millennials don’t tend to embrace this thought straight away. They enjoy flexible working and being spontaneous.

Try offering them the flexibility they want, while providing structure and healthy boundaries. Routines can be implemented and a monthly meeting with a clear agenda will enable millennials to get organised and achieve long-term goals.

2. Create opportunities for growth

Millennials want to make a real contribution to the business, not just sit at their desk and go through the motions. They often want to express their identity through their work. To harness this enthusiasm, assign them to meaningful projects where they can have a positive impact on the business while expanding their current skillset.

3. Encourage ‘quick wins’

Every new piece of work is exciting in the beginning. But if desired goals aren’t achieved quickly, millennials may lose their enthusiasm.

Try to set ‘quick-wins’ to stop their enthusiasm from burning out. Having a monthly review on tasks is a great way to find out how a millennial is getting on – it will also keep them committed and engaged.

4. Promote learning

Millennials enjoy working in a company that gives honest feedback, has a flat hierarchy and when they have a good relationship with their managers. So put some time aside to review their work and provide feedback and points to build on. Show curiosity in what they are doing, praise their progress and encourage them to aim higher!

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Written by Ross East

Written by Ross East

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