Drop these bad habits for a healthier you

We take a look at a number of habits that you should really leave in the past.

Drop these bad habits for a healthier you

1. Dwelling on the past

Spending time thinking about what could or should have been if you did something differently is time wasted. Dealing with regret isn’t easy – far from it – but the sooner you get to grips with the fact that you can’t do anything about it, the happier you will feel. If there’s something you can do to prevent it from happening again, go out there and do it! If there isn’t, try and find away to accept what’s happened and move on.

2. Engaging in toxic relationships

Some relationships cannot be fixed – we have to face this realisation. You may find this harder to deal with if you find it tough to manage strong emotions, but when you do, your life will get a lot easier.

Although removing someone from your life is a difficult thing to do, it can lead to a happier and healthier life if all they do is cause you misery and heartache.

3. Making excuses

There’s no such thing as too tired, too old or too late – they are simply things people tend to say when they lack inspiration, will or motivation – so excuses, really. You can let so many positive adventures pass you by just because you would rather stay in bed, or you could make the decision to start living.

Try not to let excuses stop you from doing something exciting. The next time you you’re too tired to grab a drink with a friend or get up and go to the gym, ignore your negative thoughts and do it anyway.

4. Being too hard on yourself

Sometimes life doesn’t work out as expected – it’s a harsh truth, but we all have to accept it. This isn’t to say that everyone should live in their own fairy tale, it’s just sometimes things do not end up as we hope for.

Is it really a bad thing? Sometimes we just head towards our aspirations without really giving ourselves time to stop and think if this is the thing we really want. Take some time out and stop being hard on yourself because of the things that never happened.

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Written by Ross East

Written by Ross East

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